‘Extraordinary’: New Clip Sees Awkward Attempts to Trigger Superpowers!! Check It Out!!

A new British superhero comedy series, Extraordinary is set to premiere on Hulu in the United States on January 25. The series will release on the streamer with all eight episodes coming out at once. It will become available to the rest of the world on Disney+, and in a bid to prepare for the series premiere, a new clip of the series has been released and it covers a number of awkward moments for Jen (Máiréad Tyers) as she seeks a solution to her situation.

Extraordinary is set in a reality where everyone gets a superpower on their 18th birthday. That is, however, until Jen comes around. She hits that milestone and crosses it, still, at the age of 25 there is no superpower in sight. The clip shared begins with Jen sitting in a diner with a pair of friends who have a collective mission – triggering Jen’s superpower into revealing itself. The idea is to order the spiciest meal on offer, hopefully, when it gets into her system, the spice could trigger some response that reveals her power. Brilliant plan. Despite the waiter’s initial refusal, Jen gets her way. What follows next is slightly predictable. The spice is perhaps too hot, and Jen can’t feel her legs. Now burning up, Jen needs milk to assuage this failed experiment.

Over at the supermarket, in the milk section, just as she’s about to take a gulp of milk, she hears her name, “Jen?” The voice is recognizable to her and from the ensuing awkward exchange with the young man standing behind her, the pair have history. Luckily for her, the exchange ends soon enough, and she can finally take some milk. That is until she is reprimanded by the attendant over the store’s PA system for drinking before paying.

The series is written by Emma Moran who also serves as the series creator. Toby McDonald, Jennifer Sheridan, and Nadira Amrani served as directors on the series. Extraordinary is executive produced by Sally Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris, and Charles Dawson. The series cast includes Sofia Oxenham, Bilal Hasna and Luke Rollason. Additional cast members include Siobhan McSweeney, Robbie Gee, Safia Oakley-Green, and Ned Porteous.

Extraordinary premieres on January 25 on Hulu in the United States, then on Disney+ for the rest of the world on the same day. Watch the clip below:

via Collider

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