‘The Reluctant Traveler’ Trailer Sees Eugene Levy Taking the Trip of a Lifetime!! Check It Out!!

Not everybody is eager to leave the comfort and safety of their home. Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek star Eugene Levy certainly feels that way, but he’ll be stepping outside his comfort zone in a major way with his new travel show The Reluctant Traveler on Apple TV+. A new trailer unveiled during the Television Critic’s Association 2023 Winter Press Tour showed Levy on the trip of a lifetime, traveling from the icy cold of the Arctic Circle to the idyllic Maldives and so much more in the pursuit of finally getting acquainted with the larger world and facing some of his long-held fears. He hopes that his globe-trotting adventure will open a new chapter of his life that he never knew could exist, though he’s not going around the world without packing a bit of trepidation.

The trailer kicks off with Levy standing in one of the world’s most extreme environments – the Arctic Circle. It’s not going to get any easier for Levy who again reiterates he’s a natural homebody. He’s not just visiting new places. He’s also enjoying the finest hotels in each area he visits, exploring the most iconic vistas, and trying new things that are especially scary to a newcomer traveler. Whether it means presiding over a sumo wrestling match in Tokyo, flying in a helicopter in Utah, boating in Lisbon, ice fishing in Finland, or reaching his hand up an elephant’s butt, his heart and constitution will be put to the test throughout his journey.

While there’s plenty of fun in seeing Levy squirm and crack jokes nervously, The Reluctant Traveler is also set up to be a positive, uplifting series about finding the joys in the world around us. The end of the trailer sees Levy reflecting on his journey, saying, “It’s about what’s really important – nature, family, the friends that I met.” By the end of the series, it looks like all the screaming and near-heart attacks will be worth it for the actor.

Who’s Behind Levy’s The Reluctant Traveler?

Levy didn’t just travel for his new Apple TV+ docuseries. He’s also an executive producer alongside two-time BAFTA nominee David Brindley. The Reluctant Traveler is new ground for Levy who’s best known for his film and television comedy roles like A Mighty Wind, American Pie, and the aforementioned Schitt’s Creek. The documentary style certainly doesn’t seem to stop him from bringing the laughs, but it should feature a more insightful and introspective Levy as he brings the audience along for the ride.

The Reluctant Traveler premieres on Apple TV+ on February 24. Check out the trailer below.

via Collider

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