‘Miracle Workers,’ ‘The Cube,’ and ‘The Lazarus Project’ Premieres Delayed on TNT and TBS!!

Television has seen some major changes over the past several months, ranging anywhere from shows being removed en masse from streaming sites to cancellations regardless of renewal or completion status. TBS and TNT are the latest networks to hit some snags, largely due to Warner Bros. Discovery‘s merger. According to Deadline, the merger has caused a delay in three TBS and TNT shows: Miracle Workers, which was set to air its fourth season on January 16; acquired British drama The Lazarus Project, first slated for January 23; and The Cube Season 2, which was scheduled for January 8.

The push follows just a week after TNT revealed that its original series Snowpiercer would not launch its final season with the network, reportedly for tax write-off reasons. The show’s team is currently shopping its fourth season to other homes. Similarly, the TBS series Chad was cancelled an hour prior to its Season 2 premiere. It ultimately received a pick-up from Roku. TBS also opted to pass on scripted series Kill the Orange-Faced Bear, which was prepping to head into production, and reality series The Big D, which was pulled a few weeks ahead of its premiere.

Neither network has shown any indication to give Miracle Workers, The Lazarus Project, or The Cube a cancellation of any kind. However, Warner Bros. Discovery‘s recent slew of overall TV heartbreak doesn’t instill much trust. A TNT rep told Deadline that the shift in scheduling “will allow us to better support the three series later in the year.” They did not reveal any specific reasoning for the shift. The recent change also opens the networks to other content in the primetime slots.

As of this year, Miracle Workers remains TBS‘ final original live-action series. It debuted in 2019 and adapted Simon Rich‘s novel of the same name. Thus far, the anthology series has brought viewers to vastly different settings each season. Season 1 follows two low-level angels who try and stop God from destroying Earth. Season 2 jumped back to the Dark Ages, with Season 3 traversing the Oregon Trail. It features an all-star cast that includes Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Karan Soni, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Jon Bass. It’s still too early to say whether the show will snag a fifth season or not, in part due to new deals needing to happen.

British series The Lazarus Project initially premiered on Sky Max and was renewed for Season 2, which is currently in production. Should TNT move forward with it, US viewers would be getting its first season. Led by Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You), the show follows a top secret organization that uses time travel as a vehicle for preventing mass extinction. Meanwhile, The Cube is an unscripted competition series where contestants are locked in a glass box and race to complete a series of tasks.

TBS and TNT have yet to set new release dates for the delayed shows.


via Collider

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