‘The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh’: Naveen Andrews Set to Lead Freevee’s Comedy Drama Series!!

Amazon Freevee has given a straight-to-series order to comedy-drama The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh, Variety has reported. The eight-episode series is inspired by the life of showrunner Vijal Patel and has cast Naveen Andrews as patriarch Mahesh Pradeep in the ensemble comedy.

The series will follow the titular Pradeep family and chronicle the hilarious events of their first few months after moving to the US from India. The feature will be told through often conflicting flashbacks from an interrogation room as “the Pradeeps quickly find themselves embroiled — romantically, personally, and professionally — with a polar-opposite neighborhood family.” The premise sounds like a fun lens to look at the initial settlement issues for immigrants, as Mahesh is described as a brilliant engineer who uprooted his family to America for a business opportunity.

Speaking of the narrative, Patel said in a statement, “This show is from a very personal place, and explores the many facets of the immigrant struggle…As my parents say, the pain got funnier over time — like wine.” Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD original content and programming at Amazon Studios. noted, “The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh shines a comedic light on the centuries-old, universally relatable first-generation experience.” Adding that the studio looks forward to sharing “Vijal’s personally inspired story — filled with heart, humility, and humor — with the Freevee audience.”

Along with Andrews, the ensemble cast includes Sindhu Vee as Sudha Pradeep, the intelligent and self-assured wife of Naveen, Sahana Srinivasan as Bhanu Pradeep, their rebellious teen daughter trying to get out from under her mother’s thumb. Arjun Sriram as Kamal Pradeep, the couple’s son described as a mama’s boy who loves following rules and believes narcs are just heroes who tell the truth. Furthermore, Ashwin Sakthivel plays Vinod Pradeep, who loves all things American and is excited about his new life in Pittsburgh but is often bullied and believes in Gandhi’s non-violent tactics.

Playing the neighbors are Megan Hilty as Janice Mills, and Ethan Suplee plays her husband Jimbo Mills, who tries to befriend the guys in the Pradeep family. Nicholas Hamilton plays their son Stu Mills, whose “flannel hottie” vibe ensnares the Pradeeps’ teenage daughter from the get-go. Also, Pete Holmes plays Dark Suit, a rookie interrogator whose inexperience and innocence drive his partner, Light Suit (played by Romy Rosemont) nuts.

The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios. Patel executive produces alongside Sara Gilbert, Mandy Summers, and Tom Werner, as well as Michael Showalter of Semi-Formal Productions, who is set to direct the pilot.

No release date has been announced for the series.


via Collider

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