‘Blonde’ Leads Nominations at 2023 Razzie Awards!! Check Out the Full List!!

The Golden Raspberry Awards — aka the Razzies — have bestowed Blonde with eight nominations, including worst picture, in their annual picks for the worst films and performances of the year.

In their announcement, Razzie organizers said the movie “‘explores’ the exploitation of Marilyn Monroe…by continuing to exploit her posthumously.” Blonde also landed noms for worst screenplay and worst director for Andrew Dominik, “whose work here says more about him than it does about his subject,” the Razzies said.

Also landing multiple noms are Tom Hanks and Pete Davidson, who are both up for worst actor and worst supporting actor. Hanks was cited for his portrayal of Gepetto in Disney’s Pinocchio and his “latex-laden, ludicrously accented portrayal of Col. Tom Parker in the otherwise critically acclaimed Elvis,” while Davidson was singled out for his voice role in Marmaduke and his cameo in Good Mourning.

Good Mourning, incidentally, will “complete” with Blonde for the dubious honor of worst picture. The film earned a total of seven “dings,” with the Razzies calling it “a laugh-free stoner comedy achieving the rare feat of scoring a perfect ZERO on Rotten Tomatoes.”

Also up for worst picture is “Disney’s wholly unnecessary (and oddly creepy) live action/CGI remake of Pinocchio,” which landed a total of six noms; The King’s Daughter, which earned a total of three noms; and Morbius, with five total noms, including worst actor for Jared Leto.

Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) also landed multiple nods with four mentions for Good Mourning: worst actor, worst screen couple (with Mod Sun), worst director and worst screenplay (with Mod Sun).

The Razzies also bestowed multiple mentions for the two sequels released in 2022 to the erotic thriller 365 Days365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days — including worst remake/rip-off/sequel and worst screen couple.

Also up for worst screen couple are “Both Real Life Characters in the Fallacious White House Bedroom Scene” in Blonde, “Andrew Dominik & His Issues with Women” for Blonde and “Tom Hanks & His Latex-Laden Face (and Ludicrous Accent)” in Elvis.

Organizers also released a video tied to the announcement. Watch it below.

The “winners” of the 43rd Razzie Awards will be announced March 11, the day before the Oscars. A full list of nominees follows.

Disney’s Pinocchio
Good Mourning
The King’s Daughter

Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) / Good Mourning
Pete Davidson (Voice Only) / Marmaduke
Tom Hanks (as Gepetto) / Disney’s Pinocchio
Jared Leto / Morbius
Sylvester Stallone / Samaritan

Ryan Kiera Armstrong / Firestarter
Bryce Dallas Howard / Jurassic Park: Dominion
Diane Keaton / Mack & Rita
Kaya Scodelario / The King’s Daughter
Alicia Silverstone / The Requin

BOTH 365 Days sequels — 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days [a Razzie BOGO]
Disney’s Pinocchio
Jurassic World: Dominion

Adria Arjona / Morbius
Lorraine Bracco (voice only) Disney’s Pinocchio
Penélope Cruz / The 355
Bingbing Fan / The 355 and The King’s Daughter
Mira Sorvino / Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend

Pete Davidson (cameo role) Good Mourning
Tom Hanks / Elvis
Xavier Samuel / Blonde
Mod Sun / Good Mourning
Evan Williams / Blonde

Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) and Mod Sun / Good Mourning
Both Real Life Characters in the Fallacious White House Bedroom Scene / Blonde
Tom Hanks and His Latex-Laden Face (and Ludicrous Accent) Elvis
Andrew Dominik and His Issues With Women / Blonde
The Two 365 Days Sequels (both released in 2022)

Judd Apatow / The Bubble
Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) and Mod Sun / Good Mourning
Andrew Dominik / Blonde
Daniel Espinosa / Morbius
Robert Zemeckis / Disney’s Pinocchio

Blonde / Written for the screen by Andrew Dominik, adapted from the Bio-Novel by Joyce Carol Oates
Disney’s Pinocchio / Screenplay by Robert Zemeckis and Chris Weitz (not authorized by the estate of Carlo Collodi)
Good Mourning / “Written” by Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun
Jurassic World: Dominion / Screenplay by Emily Carmichael and Colin Trevorrow, story by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly
Morbius / Screen story and sreenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless


via The Hollywood Reporter

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