‘American Primeval’: Betty Gilpin, Dane DeHaan, and More Join Upcoming Taylor Kitsch led Netflix Miniseries!!

American Primeval, a new limited series from Netflix, is on the way, and the streamer has just revealed the remainder of its ensemble cast. Betty Gilpin, Dane DeHaan, Shea Wigham, Jai Courtney, Joe Tippett, Nick Hargrove, Kyle Bradley Davis, Derek Hinkey, Shawnee Pourier, Preston Mota, and Saura Lightfoot Leon will star in the show. They join the previously announced Taylor Kitsch who plays a traumatized man named Isaac searching for a reason to live in a harsh world.

The show will consist of six-episodes and is described as a “raw, adventurous exploration of the birth of the American West.” It will focus on several different people as they fight for control for “a land they truly believe is their destiny.” Their battles will see the clash of different cultures, communities, and religions, and ultimately demonstrate the sacrifices they must make upon choosing to enter “a lawless and untamed wilderness.”

Gilpin and Mota will play the mother-son duo of Sara and Devin Rowell. Sara heads to Fort Bridger in search of a guide to traverse the frontier with Devin. She’s described as a capable woman who seems out of place because of her “air of composure and grace.” Keeping in the spirit of family, DeHaan and Leon will play Mormon couple Jacob and Abish Pratt. Jacob heads up his family as they go join other settlers in Utah. Meanwhile, Abish is unhappy being viewed as Jacob’s property.

Next up, Courtney is set to play Virgil Cutter, a trapper and bounty hunter who takes advantage of other people’s naiveté. Davis will play one of the trappers, Tilly. He’s a dangerous man who finds enjoyment in being feared and will kill if means getting ahead. Wigham will play Jim Bridger, the leader of his namesake Fort that acts as a stopping point for settlers and trappers. Unlike Virgil and Tilly, Jim is a decent man but is also “a grizzled realist.” Hargrove will portray Jim’s right-hand Cottrell.

Tippett, Hinkey, and Pourier round out the group. Tippett will play Mormon man James Wolsey. He leads a militia who defy the moral code they claim to possess. Hinkey will portray Red Feather, who leads “a renegade group of Crow warriors known as the Wolf Clan.” Finally, Pourier will play Two Moons. She’s a young girl with a strong will to live at any cost, including fleeing her village.

American Primeval hails from Pete Berg, Eric Newman, and Mark L. Smith. Berg will direct all episodes and executive produces for Film 44. It comes on the heels of his first-look deal with Netflix. Smith writes all episodes and executive produces, and Newman executive produces for Grand Electric under his overall deal.

American Primeval has yet to set a release window.


via Collider

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