‘Life Upside Down’: New Clip Sees Bob Odenkirk and Radha Mitchell Flirting with Each Other!! Check It Out!!

Life Upside Down is fast approaching its release in select theaters and video-on-demand on January 27, 2023. Just ahead of the film’s release, ComingSoon.net has revealed a brand-new clip for IFC Films‘ upcoming comedy. After its limited theatrical run, the film led by Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) will then arrive onto AMC+ this April.

Taking place during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, the story of Life Upside Down follows three couples as they become trapped in their individual Los Angeles homes and are now forced to spend all day and night with their significant other. Each one of them will face off against their spouses, friends, and lovers before all being forced to take an introspective look at themselves and face off against themselves.

The new 48-second clip, titled “I Can’t Get Enough of You,” takes place at the art gallery run by Odenkirk‘s character, Jonathan Wigglesworth, just before the COVID lockdown. The scene sees Jon talking to an attendee he shares a passionate history with, Clarissa Cranes played by Radha Mitchell (London Has Fallen). He expresses how depressed he was before meeting Clarissa and how she was the one who “brought him back to life,” to which she replies with the title of the clip, “I can’t get enough of you” before the two sneak away from the gallery showing together. It will be interesting to see how the film explores the dynamic further.

First premiering at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, Life Upside Down is directed and written by Cecilia Miniucchi, who also served as a producer on the film. In addition to Odenkirk and Mitchell, the cast of the film includes Danny Huston (Succession) and Rosie Fellner (The Trip to Italy), among others. Joining Miniucchi as a producer on the project include Jeffrey Coulter, Carl F. Berg, Jason Rose, and Rose Kuo. The film was executive produced by Fred Roos, Paolo Rossi Pisu, Marta Miniucchi, Holley Heitz, Antoni Stutz, Anna Hatzis, John Hatziz, and Desmond Nakano.

Life Upside Down will release in select theaters as well as on-demand on January 27, 2023, before arriving on AMC+ in April. You can watch the new clip for the upcoming romantic comedy as well as read its official synopsis down below.

‘Life Upside Down’ is a romantic comedy about time, distance, and the human condition. Three couples, connected by friendship, love and work, are each stuck in their respective homes in Los Angeles during the beginning of lockdown. Finally forced to face their spouses, friends, lovers, and eventually themselves head on, their lives turn slowly but surely upside-down.

via Collider

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