’65’ Super Bowl TV Spot Showcases More Dinosaurs!! Check It Out!!

While conversation around Adam Driver in the lead-up to the Super Bowl on February 12 has mostly revolved around his upcoming Squaespace ad — which sees the talented performer acting opposite several versions of himself — there is another reason for his fans to tune in on game day: a new TV spot for his upcoming sci-fi thriller 65, which is set to hit theaters on March 10.

65 follows Driver‘s character, a pilot named Mills, who crash-lands on a mysterious planet where he is one of two human survivors, along with the teenaged Koa (Ariana Greenblatt). According to earlier trailers for the film, the planet they’ve landed on is Earth…65 million years ago. What started as a fight to survive in a hostile, unknown environment takes a turn when the pair find they are not alone on this new planet, and must content with several very large, terrifying dinosaurs trying to kill them.

The brand-new TV spot doesn’t reveal anything new about the plot, so whether they’ve time-traveled back to an earlier point in Earth’s history, or they’ve arrived in this galaxy from another one far, far away is still a mystery. Nevertheless, the TV spot, which jokes that “big game” meant something very different 65 million years ago, teases plenty of sci-fi thrills, and leans into the action side of the movie

While the cast of 65 is fairly small — consisting mostly of Driver, Greenblatt, and their dino friends, as well as Chloe Coleman in a currently unknown role — there is considerable talent behind the camera as well, hinting at what we can expect when the film premieres next month. Iconic horror director Sam Raimi is producing the film, while Scott Beck and Bryan Woods serve as both writers and directors on the project. The pair is perhaps best known for penning the script to A Quiet Place, so combining their experience with Raimi‘s hints at perhaps 65 leaning into some horror elements in addition to the sci-fi action. The trio are credited as producers on the film alongside Zainab Azizi, Jason Cloth, Aaron L. Gilbert, Deborah Liebling,Suraj Maraboyina, and Douglas C. Merrifield. Composers Danny Elfman and Chris Bacon are both tapped for the film’s soundtrack.

65 hits theaters on March 10. You can check out the Super Bowl TV spot below:

via Collider

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