‘Riddick: Furya’: Vin Diesel to Star In and Produce Long Awaited Sequel!!

After much hype and anticipation, the wheels are rolling on Riddick: Furya as Vin Diesel and director David Twohy are reuniting for the project. Fans of the Riddick franchise have been waiting a long time for the feature as the project was first confirmed by Diesel in 2016, with the actor adding three years later that Twothy has finished the script. Though things remained quiet on all fronts, Diesel recently stirred up excitement when he shared concept art for the film.

After the unsuccessful attempt to return to his world in the third film Riddick, the new film will see Riddick at home, a place he barely remembers and one he fears might be left in ruins by the Necromongers. There he’ll find other Furyans fighting for their existence against a new enemy. And some of these “Furyans are more like Riddick than he could have ever imagined.” It’ll be very interesting for fans to finally see Riddick’s past and his roots fleshed out in the new chapter.

Speaking of the feature, Twothy said in an official statement “Our legion fans have demanded it for years, and now we’re finally ready to honor their call-to-action with Riddick: Furya.” He further added “My collaboration with Vin and One Race has spanned 20 fruitful years, as together we’ve created three movies, two video games, an anime production, and motion comics for the internet. This new big-screen event will see a return to Riddick’s home world, where we finally get to explore Riddick’s genesis.”

Diesel was first introduced as Riddick in the 2000 sci-fi action film Pitch Black. The movie cemented his stature as an action star in Hollywood as well as became the starting point of his long-term collaboration with Towthy. The movie turned out to be a cult classic and was followed by two sequels 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick and the third live-action film of the franchise, Riddick. The movie’s collective box office numbers and high DVD sales led to its expansion in comics and video games which are highly favored by fans.

Diesel is currently hyping up his upcoming feature Fast X which released its first trailer following a more than a week-long campaign of releasing Legacy trailers. The movie is the first part of the two-part culmination designed for wrapping the franchise and has been billed as “the beginning of the end of the road.” He’ll also be voicing the fan-favorite character, Groot in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, which will be the end of the Guardians as we know them in the MCU.

No release date has been set for Riddick: Furya. Watch out for this space for further developments.


via Collider

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