‘The Last of Us’ Episode 6 Trailer Teases Joel and Tommy’s Reunion!! Check It Out!!

HBO’s The Last of Us has aired its fifth episode and it was a brilliant ride as much of the season has been so far. Titled Endure and Survive, the episode aired a full two days ahead of its normal scheduled time, but that did not in any way dampen the viewing experience. HBO delivered a heart-wrenching tale of new-found friendships, love, and loss. Now HBO has released a trailer of what comes next.

So far, the series has seen Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) heading to Wyoming in hopes of finding Joel’s younger brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna). The new trailer previews the pair on their journey, with Ellie opening up to Joel about the events of the prior episode. In a response that highlights how their relationship has developed over the season, Joel offers a consolatory message saying, “Well, I reckon it’s a lot more complicated than that.” Next up, we are faced with the moment many had been anticipating, the reunion of the Miller brothers. In a season laced with bittersweet moments, this seems like one of the sweet ones.

However, we quickly realize that the reunion isn’t all peaches and roses, as the brothers have a tense discussion about their shared past. “Tommy, those things that you judge me for, I did those things to keep us alive,” Joel remarks. In a sharp rebuttal, Tommy replies, “We did those things,” then adds, “And there weren’t “things”. We murdered people.” The trailer then introduces the character of Maria (Rutina Wesley), the leader of Jackson, the Wyoming settlement where Joel meets his brother. From the game, we know Maria shares a deep connection with Ellie and Joel, and in the trailer, while advising Ellie on whom she might trust. She warns, “The only people who can betray us, are the ones we trust.”

Episode 6 Will Help Understand Joel Better

While episode 5 was an adrenaline-fueled run of both exciting and grim moments, episode 6 promises a bit of action as well as revelations from Joel’s past that might help viewers understand his character more. Audiences will also have to watch and see how Ellie copes with the tragic losses of the previous episode. Just how long they stay in Jackson, and how much help Tommy offers in the quest to synthesize a cure, remains to be seen.

Episode 6 of The Last of Us titled Kin airs on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, February 19. Watch the trailer below:

via Collider

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