‘School Spirits’ Trailer Sees Peyton List Investigating Her Own Disappearance in the Afterlife!! Check It Out!!

Our soon-to-be newest mystery obsession has dropped an intriguing trailer with Paramount+ giving us another look into the afterlife in School Spirits. While high school was hell for many of us, it’s more like purgatory for Maddie Nears (Peyton List) who finds herself joining the Split River High Afterlife Support Group under mysterious circumstances. Revealing a thrilling whodunnit, today’s trailer fills in more of the background of who Maddie was before she pulled up a chair to join the others in the ghostly club. While she wasn’t one of the popular girls, Maddie was well-loved by her friends and family who soon find themselves caught up in her disappearance. Everyone is a suspect, and even though they can’t see or hear Maddie, she’s next to them every step of the way—as long as it’s on school property.

Along with Cobra Kai star List, School Spirits also features performances by Kristian Flores (Reboot) and Kiara Pichardo (The Society) who play Maddie’s close friends Simon and Nicole, respectively, with Spencer Macpherson (Reign) as Maddie’s suspicious boyfriend, Xavier. The spirited support group is made up of Josh Zuckerman (The Offer) as the leader Mr. Martin, as well as fellow afterlife-stuck students Charley (Nick Pugliese), Rhonda (Sarah Yarkin), and Wally (Milo Manheim).

Judging by what we’ve seen of Paramount+’s latest addition to their YA-targeted content, the streamer will be in for another binge-able series with School Spirits. Further stoking our suspicions is the fact that the series is based on a graphic novel that hasn’t even been released yet. Penned by Nate and Megan Trinrud and Maria Nguyen, the graphic novel hasn’t yet announced an arrival date, making an odd instance of the source material arriving after the adaptation. Leaving their mark on the story’s small-screen takeover, Nate and Megan Trinrud wrote the show’s pilot, meaning their vision will set the tone for how the series unfolds.

Standing behind the project will be Pretty Little Liars and Bridgerton scribe Oliver Goldstick who serves School Spirits as its showrunner and executive producer. Lending his directorial eye to kick off the series’ first two episodes is Max Winkler who holds film credits including Ceremony and Flower and is known for his work on TV shows such as American Horror Story, The Watcher, and Cruel Summer.

The eight-episode show hits Paramount+ on March 9. Put on your detective hat and check out the latest trailer for School Spirits below.

via Collider

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