‘Wreck’: New Trailer Teases the Arrival of the BBC Three Slasher Comedy on Hulu!! Check It Out!!

All aboard the MS Sacramentum! Hulu is set to become the exclusive stateside streaming home of the BBC Three slasher comedy Wreck. Originally released last year in its native U.K., it will now dock with the streamer on March 1. To celebrate the series coming across the pond, Hulu released a new trailer that teases all the chaos aboard its massive cruise ship, from violent crew members, to complete negligence from the ship’s stewards and a murderous duck in a raincoat.

Described as a tense thriller with a dash of comedy mixed in, Wreck follows Jamie Walsh (Oscar Kennedy), a 19-year-old new recruit joining a crew of 3,000 aboard the ship in search of his sister who went missing in the middle of a voyage of the very same cruise. While integrating himself into the crew lifestyle, he meets the various cliques among their ranks—the mafias, the theater kids, and the especially low-paid workers. Eventually, he befriends another crew member, Vivian (Thaddea Graham), who helps him discover exactly what happened. Together, they work to sniff out the sinister happenings of the ship and search for potential killers aboard which none of the crew have ever noticed amidst their partying and excess.

The trailer wastes no time showing how sinister it can get as the murderous duck in a raincoat chases Jamie’s sister Pippa (Jodie Tyack) with a knife. Jamie knows it’s up to him to investigate, but that’s easier said than done when there are so many dark corners of the ship, multiple duck-billed goons, and friends that are too scared to look in the dark with him. The crew is of little help either. They’re downright incompetent and negligent, and some of them appear to be murderous in their own right, brandishing weapons and seeming to hunt down Jamie. He and his friends have to be careful, lest the ship wreck them too.

Who Else is Involved in Wreck?

The rest of the cast of Wreck features Jack Rowan, Harriet Webb, Louis Boyer, Anthony Rickman, Amber Grappy, Diego Andres, Peter Claffey, Miya Ocego, Warren James Dunning, Ramanique Ahluwalia, and Alice Nokes. The series was written and created by Ryan J. Brown and produced by Chris Martin of Euston Films as part of Fremantle while Boys From County Hell‘s Chris Baugh directed and executive-produced all six episodes. Northern Ireland Screen supported Euston in the production. Noemi Spanos executive produced for Euston Films alongside Tommy Bulfin for BBC.

While critics weren’t overly fond of Wreck, fans who saw the series when it premiered on BBC Three resonated with it, earning it a strong 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Part of the praise came toward its LGBTQ+ representation and overall diversity of the cast which was hailed for being more meaningful than tokenistic. There’s more of the series on the way too as it was renewed for a second season back in October.

Wreck comes to Hulu on March 1. Check out the trailer below.

via Collider

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