‘Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’: New Clip Sees a Hilarious Questioning of the Dead!! Check It Out!!

After years of delay and being in development hell Dungeon and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves will grace theaters next month. The feature directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, the duo behind the story of Spider-Man: Homecoming, boasts of an illustrious cast and promises a comedic adventure. A new clip revealed during IGN’s Fan Fest 2023 shows the hilarious camaraderie between the thieves and gives viewers a glimpse of the epic adventure the feature will go on.

The clip sees Edgin, Holga, Simon, and Doric in a bid to cast a “Speak With Dead” spell. It makes for a hilarious moment as Simon explains that after casting a spell on the dead man, he’ll come to life to answer five questions at which point he’ll die again never to be revived. Though things aren’t as easy as they sound as the dead man comes to life but Edgin ends up wasting all the questions, without getting any concrete answers. While we don’t know the full context of this scene, it gives us a nice feel of the upcoming feature. We also see a montage of the team gearing up for the battles to come.

Goldstein and Daley co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Gilio from a story by Chris McKay and Gilio. The movie follows a band of thieves who, “helped the wrong person steal the wrong thing” as they embark on a quest to retrieve a long-lost relic to correct their mistake, however, their charming adventure goes dangerously awry when they run into the wrong people. The movie promises to bring the mysterious world and playful spirit of the original roleplaying game to the big screen in a hilarious and action-packed adventure. By the looks of it, the movie looks incredibly close to its source material in terms of its production design and world-building. The previously revealed trailers give us a good taste of the conflict our heroes are to face.

The feature casts Chris Pine as Edgin the Bard, Michelle Rodriguez as Holga the Barbarian, Regé-Jean Page as Xenk the Paladin, Justice Smith as Simon the Sorcerer, Sophia Lillis as Doric, a tiefling Druid, Hugh Grant as Forge Fitzwilliam the Rogue, Daisy Head as a Red Wizard of Thay, Jason Wong as Dralas along with Chloe Coleman and Rylan Jackson. Furthermore, cast members from the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role will also make cameo appearances in the film.

Dungeon and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves bows into theaters on March 31.

via Collider

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