‘Krazy House’: Nick Frost, Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Connolly to Lead Dark Comedy!!

Kaap Holland Film has announced that Nick Frost, Alicia Silverstone, and Kevin Connolly are set to star in the upcoming dark comedy film Krazy House. The project will mark the first English-language film from the Dutch writing and directing duo Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil.

Details on the plot of Krazy House are slim. However, according to a summary from Kaap Holland, the film “is about religious homemaker Bernie (Frost) and his sitcom family. When Russian workers in Bernie’s house turn out to be wanted criminals, they make Bernie and his family tear the place up in search of some old hidden loot. In order to free himself, Bernie has to man up and save his imprisoned family, while slowly going crazy.” Production on Krazy House recently wrapped in Amsterdam, and the film will reportedly be set during the 1990s. The cast will be rounded out by an ensemble cast of Gaite Jansen, Walt Klink, Jan Bijvoet, Chris Peters, and Matti Stooker.

Krazy House will be produced by Maarten Swart for Kaap Holland, along with Haars and van der Kuil. Executive producers on the film include Jorn Baars for Kaap Holland and Todd Brown for XYZ Films, and the latter studio will also be distributing the film in North America.

While Krazy House will mark the first international production for Haars and van der Kuil, the pair have made something of a name for themselves in The Netherlands. Best known for their dark comedy film New Kids Turbo, a film based on a comedy group the pair were a part of. The duo has collaborated on a number of other Dutch comedy projects since then, including Ron Goossens: Low Budget Stuntman and Bro’s Before Ho’s.

Frost, who described Krazy House as “a completely bonkers project to be a part of,” is known for his numerous appearances in comedy films, including his starring role in Shaun of the Dead alongside frequent collaborators Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. He would team with Pegg again to co-write and star in the alien comedy film Paul, and is also known for his work on Hot Fuzz and Attack the Block. He will also soon be seen in another film from Haars and van der Kuil, the thriller Svalta.

Silverstone became an icon of the 1990s with her timeless starring role as Cher in the teen comedy film Clueless. The cult classic has maintained an enduring legacy, and Silverstone even recently reprised the role for a Super Bowl commercial. Beyond Clueless, Silverstone is also known for starring as Batgirl in Batman & Robin alongside George Clooney in the title role. She has a pair of films, Mustache and Perpetrator, at upcoming film festivals and will star in the Netflix thriller Reptile alongside Benicio del Toro and Justin Timberlake.

Connolly is best known for his eight seasons on the smash-hit HBO series Entourage, and also appeared in the show’s theatrical spinoff. On screen, his theatrical credits include Secretariat, Chick Fight, He’s Just Not That Into You, The Ugly Truth, and Hotel Noir, among others. He was also a series regular on the short-lived CBS sitcom Friends with Better Lives.

No release date for Krazy House has been announced.


via Collider

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