‘The Shrouded College’: Seth MacFarlane Adapting Horror-Adventure Graphic Novel Series for Peacock!!

Peacock and Seth MacFarlane are teaming up for an adaptation of the horror-action graphic novel series The Shrouded College per Deadline. The Orville creator is developing the TV series through his Fuzzy Door banner which secured the rights to the novels along with UCP.

Hailing from comics veterans Charles Soule and Will Sliney, The Shrouded College is an ongoing series of seven interconnecting stories that will be told across both comic and graphic novel formats over the span of several years. Each individual novel tells a different story of the various characters who are enlisted to join a supernatural Cold War on behalf of the quickly-deteriorating secret organization known as the Shrouded College. The tales explore different horror tropes and themes, creating individualized pieces that can stand on their own with their own unique feel while still playing a part in the larger series that Soule and Sliney will continue to grow.

Image Comics published the first installment, Hell to Pay, in November 2022 with the next story, The Bloody Dozen slated for a late 2023 release. Hell to Pay played with themes of greed and capitalism, following Maia Stone and her husband Sebastian as they forged a deal with the College. They seek powerful magical abilities in exchange for collecting 666 gold coins for the College, each of which individually can summon a demon and all of which are sought after by the most powerful and ruthless people on the planet. Collecting every coin means freedom for the Stones and a world saved from demonic forces, but there’s no telling what the College has planned for the coins.

MacFarlane and Fuzzy Door Have Been Very Busy

MacFarlane is a proven hitmaker between his landmark animated comedy Family Guy and other successful endeavors like The Orville and American Dad! Recently, he and his Fuzzy Door have been attached to a number of promising projects including an animated reboot of the classic Norman Lear sitcom Good Times and a Ted prequel series. The return of his crude teddy bear wrapped production back in November and it’s expected to be as twisted as ever as MacFarlane exclusively told Collider that the overall tone is sticking very close to the first film from 2012. Fuzzy Door also has a new Naked Gun film on the docket from Akiva Schaffer with Liam Neeson starring as well as a Revenge of the Nerds reboot and a The Winds of War limited series. The Shrouded College is MacFarlane‘s latest project under his wide NBCUniversal deal.

In addition to The Shrouded College, Soule‘s comic and graphic novel credits span across Marvel, DC, and Lucasfilm, including a run on the She-Hulk comics that helped inspire the Disney+ series. Sliney has drawn various characters from Spider-Man and Star Wars and even had his own TV series – Draw With Will and Will Sliney’s Storytellers. Both serve as executive producers alongside MacFarlane, Erica Huggins, Rachel Hargreaves-Heald for Fuzzy Door.

Stay tuned here at Collider for more on MacFarlane‘s The Shrouded College adaptation.


via Collider

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