‘The Winchesters’: Ruth Connell to Reprise ‘Supernatural’ Role for Prequel Series!!

Well Supernatural fans, it looks like another legacy character will be making her way into the prequel world of The Winchesters. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ruth Connell will be reprising her role as everyone’s favorite Scottish witch and ruler of Hell, Rowena. Audiences can expect to see the return of the head witch in charge in a (currently) guest-starring capacity on the twelfth episode of the hit CW prequel which will air on February 28, 2023. With an eccentric fashion sense and plenty of attitude, it’s unclear how Rowena will come into contact with Mary (Meg Donnelly), John (Drake Rodger), and the rest of the ragtag group of demon hunters, but we’re certain that witty hijinks will ensue with Rowena back in action.

For a refresher, Supernatural fans were first introduced to the powerful sorceress back in Season 10 when it was revealed that even Crowley (Mark Sheppard) had something to fear – his mother, Rowena. While she came in with her spells a’blazin’ as one of the season’s primary antagonists, she would be another character swayed to the side of good thanks to the charm and charisma of the Winchester boys, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki). After seemingly meeting her demise during the show’s fifteenth and final season, she reappeared toward the end to reveal that she rose to the top of the fiery pits of Hell to become its leader.

Holding up their side of the bargain after promising fans that they could expect a multitude of legacy characters to appear in The Winchesters, series creators Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, and Robbie Thompson are making certain they deliver. Connell will be the (technically) fourth Supernatural character to guest star on the show. She was preceded by Richard Speight Jr. who brought the mischief with Loki, a short but satisfying cameo from Rob Benedict, and “the mystery man” aka Dean Winchester (Ackles).

Along with giving the fans what they want by way of guest appearances, The Winchesters is also doing right by the original series by answering some questions that just didn’t make it into Supernatural’s incredible 15 Season run. After learning how John and Mary came to meet, we’ve finally landed at the point where the two are a couple – and we know how that unfolds – with the two most devoted and handsome demon-fighting brothers we’ve ever seen. There are also plenty of origin stories told surrounding longtime Supernatural lore including the mysterious Men of Letters.

While the first season of The Winchesters didn’t receive a backorder, we can still expect it to land a second season with all the buzz and views that it’s generated so far. And while our legacy characters have only appeared in supporting and guest starring roles, with those backing the production testing the waters, who knows where they could appear next? You can catch the return of Rowena on the February 28 episode of The Winchesters and keep scrolling to check out a trailer.


via Collider

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