‘Most Dangerous Game: New York’ Trailer Sees Christoph Waltz Setting a New Game!! Check It Out!!

It’s been a long wait but finally, Roku is delivering on its promise of bringing us another iteration of Richard Connell‘s celebrated short story, Most Dangerous Game, with a series titled Most Dangerous Game: New York. The platform has debuted a first trailer for the second season, offering fans a first look at what to expect, and for starters, there’s no compromise on the fast-paced action. The trailer showcases the new lead, The Umbrella Academy star David Castañeda who was previously announced to replace Liam Hemsworth.

Most Dangerous Game: New York maintains the same plot line as the first season. Castañeda plays Victor Suero, described as a “down-on-his-luck fighter, who will do anything to protect his sister.” When the occasion calls for it after his sister is being held for a ransom of half a million dollars, he bravely steps up agreeing to participate in a deadly game that sees him being hunted around the streets of New York by the world’s most experienced man hunters. For every hour he avoids death, he receives a huge deposit in his bank account, but the game can only have one winner: the one left alive when 24 hours have elapsed.

The trailer begins with Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz‘s Miles Sellars, the hunt organizer, introducing Victor to members of his organization. As Sellars details Victor’s profile, he touts him as one who will bring unprecedented entertainment to this highly dangerous game of life and death. When Victor receives the full rundown of the rules of play from Sellars, he appears mystified and hesitant, however, the hefty prize money, with which he can secure his sister’s release, lures him in and Victor ultimately accepts to play. The next set of sequences teases the high-level action-packed fun that will certainly leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

“When I read the script I couldn’t sleep for a few days,” Castañeda previously said of the role after being cast. “Thinking of a man given the opportunity of making money to provide for his sister — it reminded me of my family, their struggle and ingenuity in necessity. This story will connect with them and hopefully many more. Also, Christoph Waltz is the man. I can’t wait to jump on this opportunity with Roku and bring the streamers along for a thrilling ride.”

Who Is Behind Most Dangerous Game?

The concept for Most Dangerous Game is primarily based on the original short story by Richard Connell, published in 1924. The story has since spawned numerous shows and films, the first released in 1932, starring Joel Mcrea and Leslie Banks. In 2022, another different version starring Bruce Dern, Tom Berenger, Judd Nelson, and Chris “CT” Tamburello was released in theaters.

This Roku version originated from the now-defunct short-form streaming platform Quibi. The show aired on Quibi for a single successful season which premiered on April 6, 2020, and was renewed for a second season. However, after the platform shut down its operations, Roku acquired most of its content including the series. Most Dangerous Game: New York is directed by Sam Hill and written by Nick Santora. The original show was created by Santora and Josh Harmon & Scott Elder. In addition to Castañeda and Waltz, the film also stars Anna Gunn, Ciara Bravo, Martina Ortiz Luis, and Aaron Poole.

Most Dangerous Game: New York will be released on The Roku Channel this spring on March 10. Check out the trailer below:

via Collider

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