‘Rabbit Hole’ Trailer Sees Kiefer Sutherland Trapped in a Dangerous Conspiracy!! Check It Out!!

Paramount+ has released the first full-length trailer for its upcoming thriller series, Rabbit Hole. The series stars Kiefer Sutherland as John Weir, a master manipulator who is effectively skilled at the act of corporate espionage. Rabbit Hole will see the master become the puppet when John is framed by elites shrouded in secrecy who – just like him – can manipulate things in their favor. It is difficult to prove innocence when your adversary controls most of the world.

The official trailer makes one thing abundantly clear from the onset: trust is at a premium and giving it to the wrong person could be your end. The trailer shows John take up a job, one he is quite capable of executing. However, the gig goes sour and he is framed for murder. Asides from fighting to clear his name, John’s dilemma deepens when he has to help save one of the cornerstones of Western society – democracy.

Priority, however, lies in staying alive but as seen clearly in the trailer, John is consistently paranoid and looking over his shoulder. Even an acquaintance, like Dr. Ben Wilson (Charles Dance), cannot be trusted explicitly despite his seeming willingness to help. “You need to know what you’re getting into,” Ben tells John and others. “This isn’t cops and robbers. The enemy is everywhere, but he can’t be seen. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to be heroic and difficult? Or are you going to be sensible and help us save the world?”

Maybe staying alive might mean saving democracy first, who knows? But with a backdrop montage of politically charged discourses, Ben, can be heard issuing a warning, “No one’s ever succeeded in toppling a democracy as ours. But a country rife with anger and division… is a job already half done.” It is clear that there are layers to the challenges facing John, and as the title implies, the 24 alum is about to go down a path he’d rather not be on.

With credits that boast roles in 24 and Designated Survivor, Sutherland is well versed in this genre. Aside from Sutherland and the aforementioned names, the cast of Rabbit Hole also features Meta Golding, Enid Graham, Rob Yang, Jason Butler Harner, and Walt Klink. Rabbit Hole is created by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra with the pair serving as executive producers alongside Sutherland, Charlie Gogolak, Suzan Bymel, and Hunt Baldwin.

Rabbit Hole premieres on Paramount+ on March 26 with two episodes. You can watch the trailer below:


via Collider

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