‘The Last of Us’ Episode 8 Trailer Teases Troy Baker’s Character!! Check It Out!!

The Last of Us Episode 7 ‘Left Behind,’ step back in time to show us Ellie’s backstory while the duo tries to recover from a near-fatal attack in Colorado. The latest episode showed us Ellie’s motivation to not give up on Joel as she finds supplies in the deserted home they take refuge in. The teaser for Episode 8 ‘When We are in Need,’ shows us that Ellie has to face more threats while Joel recovers.

The new teaser sees Ellie hunting in the wilderness as some time has passed since they got here. It also gives us a tease of David in his group, while he makes an offer to Ellie to join their ‘community.’ The Last of Us games’ voice actor Troy Baker will make his debut in the upcoming episode as a hunter from David’s group and looks like he doesn’t want Ellie to join as she’s “another mouth to feed.” While fans of the games might have an inkling how this plays out, it can be said with certainty that there’s more to the story, as this might be the shortest teaser we’ve got by far, meaning there are unexpected turns to look out for.

The series is nearing its end and has been the most satisfying video game adaptation viewers have gotten in a while. Co-creator and writer Craig Mazin has managed to surprise the most avid fans of the games along with co-creator Neil Druckmann, in terms of storytelling. During its run by far The Last of Us took some turns here, some there, and was able to jerk some tears as well as make fans smile while constantly keeping them on the edge. As the eighth episode looks to cover the Winter/Lakeside Resort section of the game, the end of the storyline for the first game approaches, which per the creators will be the end of the first season as well.

The last couple of episodes did a wonderful job of showcasing Ellie and Joel’s strengthening bond, so the penultimate episode will be the final test of it. Given the circumstances, both find themselves in, Joel and Ellie are watching each other’s backs, and it makes sense why it’ll be hard for Joel to leave Ellie’s side in the near future. The last of Us episode 8 cast Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Scott Shepherd as David, and Baker as James, among many more.

Episode 8, ‘When We are in Need’ drops on March 5. You can check out the new trailer below:

via Collider

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