‘Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields’: Documentary Sets April 3, 2023 as Streaming Release Date!!

Many celebrities have been stepping forward to share their troubling times in Hollywood and the dark underbelly that has allowed those at the top who hold all the power to take advantage of up-and-coming talent. We recently reported on an upcoming docuseries that will take on this subject and be hosted by Anthony Rapp titled Surviving Hollywood and now Brooke Shields has revealed the Hulu release date for her Lana Wilson-directed autobiographical documentary, Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. Set to follow the actress’ rise to fame from her very early-in-life roles, the already celebrated two-part documentary will arrive on the streamer on April 3, 2023.

Shields was just 12 years old when she landed her first major acting gig in Louis Malle’s (Atlantic City) Pretty Baby where she starred alongside Susan Sarandon and Keith Carradine in a film about a young girl and daughter of a sex worker who “falls in love” with a much older man. Just three years later when she was 15, Shields would go on to star in another hyper-sexualized film, Randal Kleiser’s (Grease) The Blue Lagoon in which she appeared as a shipwrecked and marooned teen discovering life and sexuality on an island which is gross enough considering her age, but even worse knowing that her fellow star Christopher Atkins was playing her cousin.

From these two titles alone, it’s obvious that Shields will have a lot to share in her upcoming documentary with two plots centered around the over-sexualization of underage kids. She will also address her early years working as a child advertising model – the job that would ultimately lead to her being cast in these major roles. Shedding light on other productions, we can expect Shields to also speak about other uncomfortable boundary-crossing moments with filmmakers including the late Franco Zeffirelli with whom she worked with on Endless Love.

Outside her time on the sets of Hollywood, Shields’ home life proved to be no respite with a tumultuous relationship with her mother, the late Terri Shields mirroring similar vibes as the experiences recently recounted in the book I’m Glad My Mom Died by iCarly star Jennette McCurdy. Shields’ mother was prepared to stop at nothing to make sure her daughter was a major star and with an alcohol addiction, she blurred the lines between her daughter’s biggest supporter and biggest hater.

While she has taken a break from feature-length productions in recent years, Shields was last spotted in Netflix’s holiday feature A Castle for Christmas and was just revealed to be appearing in the streamer’s rom-com Mother of the Bride where she’ll star opposite Miranda Cosgrove and Benjamin Bratt.


via Collider

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