‘Up Here’ Trailer Teases the Mae Whitman led Hulu Musical Rom-Com Series!! Check It Out!!

Sometimes the voices in your head can be just a little bit too loud – and in Mae Whitman‘s case, they even sing. This March, Whitman stars in the Hulu romantic comedy series Up Here, which sees her character Lindsay struggling to overcome her insecurities. Ahead of the premiere, Hulu released the official trailer, which was exclusively debuted by Entertainment Weekly.

Set in New York City during the ’90s, the series follows Lindsay and Miguel (Carlos Valdes), two ordinary people who meet and fall in love while battling their own sets of “insecurities, fears, doubts, and trauma that make too much noise inside their heads.” As they try to navigate their relationship, the pair also begin to confront their doubts to learn more about themselves and how their needs and desires work with their relationship.

Early on, the trailer introduces the personified versions of both Lindsay and Miguel’s inner voices, delving into the deeper worries both have for various aspects of their lives, including Lindsay’s career moves and Miguel wondering about Lindsay after their initial meeting. Despite the swirl of negativity they face from themselves, the pair are kindred spirits who find ways to break through the noise for each other even if they can’t yet do so for themselves. Morevover, the trailer showcases the musical ways in which Lindsay and Miguel’s inner voices will manifest, and also takes a fresh approach to the inner monologue.

When speaking to EW about the show, Whitman revealed how the project resonates her, noting how some of the issues the show tackles carried over into her real life: “The themes are so deep that I find myself even talking about them in therapy.” She loved the “themes of mental health and paying attention to taking care of yourself and being aware of where your trauma comes from and working through that in a way that is also really funny and light and kind.” Ultimately, she hopes the show inspires people and helps them “feel safer about their vulnerabilities and their trauma and whatever defense mechanisms they have that they feel they’re trapped by.”

The Team Behind ‘Up Here’

Along with Whitman and Valdes, the series stars Sophia Hammons, Katie Finneran, John Hodgman, Emilia Suárez, and Andréa Burns. It was written and executive produced by Danielle Sanchez-Witzel and Tick, Tick…Boom! and Dear Evan Hansen scribe Steven Levenson. Original songs were written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Frozen, WandaVision), with Hamilton‘s Thomas Kail as director and executive producer. Lopez, Anderson-Lopez, and Jennifer Todd executive produce. The production companies are 20th Television and Old 320 Sycamore Productions.

Up Here premieres with all eight episodes Friday, March 24 on Hulu. Watch the new trailer below:

via Collider

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