‘Fire of Love’: Oscar Nominated Documentary to Get Feature Adaptation!!

Fire of Love a front-runner in this year’s Best Documentary Oscars category — is getting the narrative feature film treatment. According to a report by Deadline, Searchlight Pictures struck the deal to turn Fire of Love from a documentary to a narrative feature. The documentary charts the tragic love story of French volcanologists Katia Kraftt and Maurice Kraftt.

The aptly titled Fire of Love charts the Kraftt‘s relationship between each other and one of nature’s most-explosive spectacles using a treasure trove of archival videos and images, putting a forensic level of coverage on the pair’s dangerous pursuit to get up close and personal with the marvel that is volcanic activity. The tragic element of the documentary comes as the Kraftt‘s met their demise in 1991 in a volcanic eruption. It is clear to see that there is a striking cinematic spectacle and narrative ripe for the narrative feature film industry and the documentary has already reaped the benefits of this premise. Fire of Love — directed and produced by Sara Dosa — is in the race for Best Documentary at the Oscars and the film won a Jury prize following its premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, which in turn led to an acquisition from National Geographic Documentary Films. On top of the Oscar nomination, Fire of Love was awarded nominations by BAFTA and the Producers Guild of America. Dosa picked up the Directors Guild of America award for Best Documentary and the film is rated a staggeringly high 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. In its theatrical release, Fire of Love became the fourth-highest grossing documentary since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dosa is attached to Searchlight‘s narrative feature adaptation of Fire of Love as a producer as is fellow producer of the documentary Shane Boris. Joining the feature adaption as executive producers are Ina Fichman, Josh Braun and Ben Braun from Submarine Deluxe, as well as Greg Boustead and Jessica Harrop from Sandbox Films, all of whom were attached to the documentary in a producing capacity. The carry over of producing talent from the Fire of Love documentary to narrative feature film will hopefully ensure the latter carries on the success that has followed the former.

Where Can Audiences Watch the ‘Fire of Love’ Documentary?

Fire of Love — narrated by Miranda July — is available to stream via Hulu and Disney+. The entire 15-track musical soundtrack to the piece composed by Nicolas Godin is also available on all music streaming platforms to ensure audiences can get the full Fire of Love experience. Check out the trailer for the award-winning documentary below.

via Collider

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