‘The Crossover’ Trailer Teases a New Coming of Age Basketball Drama!! Check It Out!!

In anticipation of the imminent release of its upcoming original series, The Crossover, Disney has released the official trailer for the coming-of-age drama series starring Jalyn Hall (All America), Amir O’Neill (Marlon), and an ensemble supporting cast. Based on the acclaimed Kwame Alexander novel in-verse of the same name, The Crossover centers on a basketball family with a focus on twin brothers Josh “Filthy” Bell (Hall) and Jordan “JB” Bell (O’Neill) both famous in their community for their skills on the hardwood floors. While technically a sports show, the series will lean heavily into exploring the Bells’ family dynamics, taking audiences on a heartwarming ride through their highs and lows.

Blessed with sporting genes from their father Chuck Bell (Derek Luke) who himself is a former professional basketball player with an NBA championship title, Josh and Jordan are shooting for the stars with a shared dream to outdo their father’s accomplishments and become the greatest of all time. “Dribble Fake Shoot Miss,” Jordan says as the trailer opens with him bouncing the ball around. With their father on hand to coach them en route to the NBA, the twin boys are determined to fulfill their dreams and make him proud. To ace their targets, the boys will have to scale through their fair share of hurdles including balancing sports time with academics, to help with the latter is the family matriarch Crystal Bell (Sabrina Revelle) a school principal who is heard saying she’s “all about GPA, not NBA.” The trailer further reveals other obstacles the boys will have to cope with from their father’s sudden health issues to the occasional sibling rivalry. But through it all, the pair soldier on as Jordan is heard saying “I guess what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.”

The Ensemble Cast And Team Behind The Crossover

In addition to Hall, O’Neil, Luke, and Revelle who make up the Bell family of four, also featured in the show are Daveed Diggs, Deja Monique Cruz as the Bell brothers’ best friend Maya who has an eye for one of the twin boys, Trevor Raine Bush as Bell brothers’ teammate and best friend Vondie, and Skyla I’Lece as Alexis, the boys’ childhood friend. Phylicia Rashad will guest star as the boy’s grandmother Barbara, described as “a fountain of love and wisdom.” Darone Okolie and newcomer Himie Freeman will play the adult versions of Josh and Jordan, respectively.

Alexander, Damani Johnson, and Kimberly A. Harrison serve as executive producers and co-showrunners. NBA King, LeBron James is producing for The SpringHill Company alongside Maverick Carter, Jamal Henderson, and Lezlie Wills. Other producers include George Tillman Jr., Bob Teitel, Robert Prinz, and Jay Marcus of State Street Pictures, as well as Diggs, Todd Harthan, and Erin O’Malley.

All episodes of The Crossover Season 1 will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on April 5. Check out the synopsis and official trailer below.

“The Crossover is a heartwarming, poignant story about a family of basketball players. The series introduces teen brothers Josh (Jalyn Hall) and Jordan (Amir O’Neil) Bell, widely considered basketball phenoms. Through his lyrical poetry, an adult version of Josh, aka Filthy (Daveed Diggs), narrates the story of he and his brother’s coming-of-age, on and off the court, as their former professional basketball player father adjusts to life after basketball and their mother finally pursues lifelong dreams of her own.”


via Collider

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