‘Ghostbusters 5’: New Set Image Confirms Filming Start of Sequel!! Check It Out!!

Fans of the beloved franchise can rejoice as filming on the untitled Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel has officially begun. In celebration of its first day of filming, the Sony Pictures Twitter account has revealed a brand-new behind-the-scenes image of the movie, which features director Gil Kenan and Jason Reitman kicking off production.

The image features Kenan holding the film’s marker with the codename “Firehouse”, which could likely end up as the title of the upcoming film. Standing alongside him is Reitman, who now serves as a screenwriter after previously helming the last installment, seen holding a ghost trap, teasing audiences about the return of fan-favorite gadgets. Alongside the return of the franchise’s familiar tech, the image also teases the return to the original firehouse, with the film set to take place in New York this time around.

While the image doesn’t provide any additional details on the upcoming sequel, it does confirm that filming has officially begun. While specific plot details currently remain under wraps, the film is expected to serve as a continuation of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, with several key cast members also expected to return, such as Mckenna Grace. Additional details on the film are likely to be revealed as it furthers along into production and draws closer to its release date.

Tracing back to 1984, Ghostbusters remains a staple classic from the ’80s, which continued with a direct sequel in 1989 alongside an animated television series. After years of speculation of a third film, a reboot, eventually arrived in 2016 by director Paul Feig. However, the franchise returned to its original roots with the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife in 2021, which served as a sequel to the original two movies while also reintroducing the franchise to a new generation.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Debuted to Critical and Commercial Acclaim

The film debuted to positive reception from fans and critics, alongside achieving financial success, earning over $204 million at the global box office against a $75 million budget. With the film achieving success, it comes as no surprise that a sequel is now underway, with an expected release later this year during the holiday season. With the film still nine months away, fans have plenty of time to speculate about the movie’s plot when it debuts in theaters later this year, on December 20. Check out the official image from the film’s production below.

via Collider

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