‘Army of the Dead 2’: Zack Snyder Gives Update on Sequel!!

It might be a long time before Zack Snyder heads back to his zombie-infested world, as he is extremely busy exploring outer space. During a recent interview with The Nerd Queens, the filmmaker explained that, while he still intends to continue the story of Army of the Dead, he simply has been to busy to get the project going. The most prominent project keeping Snyder‘s attention is the upcoming sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon.

While both movies were developed for Netflix, the size and scope of the projects mean they need a considerable amount of time to be made. The filmmaker explained:

As far as the Army Universe goes though, it’s still alive and well in my mind. I know exactly what I would do. It really depends on how we try to figure out how we go forward with Rebel Moon and the Rebel Moon universe. It’s not a small-time commitment, Rebel Moon stuff. A sci-fi thing at this scale does require a lot of attention to make it all make sense.

In Army of the Dead, the origin of the virus that’s turning millions of people into monsters doesn’t get a profound explanation, as the movie begins with a single zombie being transported by the government. When a car crashes with the unit transforming the creature crashes, it manages to escape, leading to a worldwide infection expanding throughout the next few years. While stories dealing with post-apocalyptic worlds full of the undead are fascinating by themselves, there is something this movie cares about more than the infection, and that is a heist worth plenty of money.

The government decides it needs to drop nuclear bombs in Las Vegas as the next step in trying to fight back against the zombies. But, when Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) remembers that there are $200 million stacked inside his casino’s vault, he hires Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) and a team of professionals to retrieve the money before it’s too late. Danger is always right around the corner, as the team enters the abandoned city knowing that, if the zombies don’t kill them, the nuclear bomb definitely will. The movie was a success for Netflix, and it even delivered a spin-off merely a couple of months after it premiered

Before Planet of the Dead, We’ll Visit the Rebel Moon

The success of the film prompted the network to reach a deal with Snyder for the development of a sequel. Potentially titled Planet of the Dead, the second part will return to the desolate version of the world, with the story going beyond a heist. But before we even get to that point, Netflix is set to release Rebel Moon by the end of this year. Starring Sofia BoutellaDjimon Hounsou and Ed Skrein, the epic adventure will follow the story of a young woman who needs to recruit as many allies as she can in order to liberate the colony she lives in. The brave hero’s home is located in an unknown planet, far away from the Earth.


via Collider

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