‘Scrubs’: Creator Bill Lawrence Confirms Reunion Movie Is Inevitable!!

Bill Lawrence may be our Superman after all. Per Variety, the Scrubs creator revealed that not only were chances good for a reunion film, but they were almost “inevitable”. While these days he’s busy standing behind his co-created projects, Ted Lasso and Shrinking, Lawrence acknowledges that not only does the dedicated fandom deeply want a Scrubs follow-up story, but that those who were invested and involved on the 9-season-running show are also gunning for it.

The main hindrance putting a pause on a reunion between the top employees at Sacred Heart Hospital is the busy schedules that each of the show’s stars and writing team has. From Zach Braff writing and directing his own projects to Sarah Chalke’s ongoing work in titles like Netflix’s animated series Dogs in Space, everyone’s got an iron in the fire. It’s something Lawrence directly addressed in his interview commenting that, “in the greatest way, the cast of that show and the writers are so good that they’re all working,” adding that they still stay very invested in each other’s lives and that bringing the team back together again would be because they “actually love hanging out.”

While he refers to it as a “joke,” Lawrence says that the tight-knit group of friends and ex-co-workers often say that if “six months go by that we don’t hang out, we’ll end up doing a Scrubs reunion,” adding that he sees the feature-length sequel being “inevitable.” Creative family is a major theme when Lawrence talks about his time not only on Scrubs but in his other projects with the Spin City and Cougar Town co-creator grasping onto any chance of collaborating with people from his past. In his latest comedy series, Shrinking, Lawrence teamed up with Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein to co-create alongside Jason Segel. Meanwhile, Scrubs fans who have been watching the series certainly spotted Neil Flynn who harassed Braff’s J.D. throughout the series as the Janitor. Speaking of Braff, Lawrence called on his ex-star who has since made a name for himself in the world of filmmaking to direct one of the first season’s episodes.

What Is Scrubs About?

In case you missed the gem that was Scrubs, the early 2000s series followed the staff at a fictional hospital from their humble beginnings as medical interns to their rise towards becoming hard-working and revered members of the medical field. While the show was packed with a lot of laughs and a legendary bromance between Braff’s J.D. and Donald Faison’s Christopher Turk, many episodes also worked in a delicate balance of somber moments between the hospital staff and those in their care. Also starring in the series were Judy Reyes (Claws), Ken Jenkins (Cougar Town), and John C. McGinley (Office Space) along with some excellent guests.

Breathing a new hope into the devoted fandom, Lawrence will certainly have the support of Scrub lovers everywhere should he and the rest of the team decide to move forward with their sequel film.


via Collider


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