‘Crystal Lake’: ‘Friday the 13th’ Prequel Series Gets Release Window!!

While the franchise has spawned over ten feature-length spinoffs, a true-to-the-story Friday the 13th series has never been done—until now. In an Instagram and Twitter post, OG franchise final girl Adrienne King has given audiences a small piece of information concerning the very hush-hush prequel series Crystal Lake, revealing that it’s expected to land on TVs everywhere in 2024. In a set of posts, King shared a peek as work begins on the Peacock and A24-backed project, sharing a hashtag at the bottom which read #Coming2024. With so much under wraps, this revelation is a welcomed bit of information for fans of the slasher franchise.

Giving a shout-out to Crystal Lake producer and showrunner, Bryan Fuller, the first Instagram image sees King standing next to the Star Trek: Discovery co-creator and Hannibal creator, gleefully smiling and writing that she “had another exciting meeting” with the man at the top. The second behind-the-scenes Twitter look sees both Fuller and King surrounded by a group of smiling faces as King reveals that the show’s very first writer’s meeting was a major success.

Already packed with some of the biggest names in the horror biz, not only will Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies producer Fuller be involved with the title, but he’ll also be joined by the original film’s writer, Victor Miller who will serve the series as an executive producer. Friday the 13th producer Rob Barsamian joins as well as IP attorney Marc Toberoff. The involvement of the latter three comes following a lengthy legal battle for the production to obtain the rights to the chainsaw-wielding slasher, Jason Vorhees. Scream fans will also be thrilled to know that franchise writer Kevin Williamson will be stepping in to pen an episode.

What Will Crystal Lake Be About?

While the production is holding its cards close to its chest, we do know that it will act as a prequel to the classic 1980 slasher feature. In that movie, audiences watched in horror as a camp opened back up following the brutal killings of two counselors in the ‘50s. But, terror is moving between the trees and into the cabins again as the murderer is back on a bloodthirsty rampage. By the end of the feature, we discovered that a deranged Pamela Vorhees (Betsy Palmer) is to blame for the attacks as she was seeking revenge for the negligence that caused her son Jason to drown in the lake. Revealing the beginnings of what would become a horror icon, the very final moments see Jason popping out of the lake to attack the only survivor, Alice (King).

With such expansive lore to go off, there’s no telling where Crystal Lake will take audiences on the days before—and possibly even after—the birth of a serial killer. Check out King’s social media posts above and below and stay tuned for more information on when you can expect to dive into the series on Peacock.

via Collider

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