‘Hamnet’: Chloé Zhao Sets Adaptation as Next Directing Project!!

After winning multiple Academy Awards for her film Nomadland and directing Marvel’s EternalsChloé Zhao’s career has been one that many have been watching very closely. But, after filming those back to back, she decided to take a break and fans have been left waiting to see what her next project will be. Well, that day has come, Deadline is reporting that Zhao will be directing and co-writing an adaptation of Hamnet.

Hamnet will be based on the New York Times Bestselling historical fiction novel of the same name by Maggie O’Farrell. The novel follows Agnes, the wife of the famed playwright William Shakespeare, in the aftermath of the death of Hamnet, their only son. The story “charts the emotional, familial and artistic consequences of that loss, bringing to life a human and heart-stopping story as the backdrop to the creation of Shakespeare’s most famous play, Hamlet.”

Zhao’s name being attached to this project as both a director and writer is exciting, to say the least. The filmmaker’s last two projects have both been big hits. Her most recent film was Eternals, an installment in the biggest film franchise of all time with a star-studded cast. Before that was the critical juggernaut of Nomadland. Zhao herself took home the Best Picture and Best Directing Oscar for her work on the film and also directed Frances McDormand to an Oscar as well. She was also nominated for her work writing the screenplay and editing the film. Anything she puts her name on is sure to be incredible.

Who Will Be Joining Zhao On Hamnet?

Zhao will be co-writing the adaptation with O’Farrell, the novel’s author. This will be O’Farrell’s first time working on a film, but her writing talents have already been proven. For Hamnet alone, she won the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, among many others. Hamnet is set to be produced by Amblin Partners, Hera Pictures, Neal Street Productions, and Book of ShadowsLiza MarshallPippa Harris, and Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes are producing on behalf of Neal Street while Nic Gonda will serve as an executive producer for Book of Shadows. Additionally, Jeb Brody, Amblin’s President of Production, and Mia Maniscalco, SVP of Creative Affairs, will be overseeing the project.

Stay tuned to Collider for any future updates on the production of Hamnet.

via Collider

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