‘Funny or Die’s High Science’ Trailer Sees Paul Bettany Voice a Robotic Bong!! Check It Out!!!

Discovery+ and HBO Max have released a new trailer for Funny or Die’s High Science, a new comedy series starring Paul Bettany as the voice of a robotic bongo. Combining real science with the unique humor of Funny or Die, the upcoming series promises to explore scientific discoveries through an unexpected perspective.

The psychedelic trailer of Funny or Die’s High Science introduces us to Dr. Oh, the highly intelligent bongo that will take stars Matt Klinman and Zack Poitras through journeys in time and space as they witness some of the most unbelievable scientific discoveries ever. For instance, did you know ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste? Or that there are lava tubes on the moon?

Funny or Die’s High Science might sound like a drug trip, but the new series’ trailer promises the science is actually real, which makes everything all the more interesting. The series will even invite astrobiologists, archeologists, zoologists, and more experts to back up each episode’s incredible subjects. It’s also hilarious to hear Betanny as Dr. Oh, especially when we remember one of the actor’s most beloved roles is Vision, the MCU’s android hero, which will soon get his own solo series.

What Is Funny or Die?

Founded by Will FerrellAdam McKayMark Kvamme, and Chris Henchy in 2007, Funny or Die is a production company specializing in comedy series, sketches, and even movies. Recently, the company was responsible for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, a highly successful “Weird Al” Yankovic biopic starring Daniel Radcliffe in the main role. Funny or Die is also behind the mockumentary series Players, available on Paramount+.

With High Science, Funny or Die will navigate through uncharted territories, exploring real science with their unique comedic timing. As the company’s owner, Henry Muñoz, puts it, “As I’ve said before, Funny Or Die has always been on the cutting edge of comedy and social issues, giving a voice to new generations. High Science does just that by combining humor, and originality through a hallucinatory lens.”

When Will Funny or Die’s High Science Be Available?

Funny or Die’s High Science will debut Thursday, April 20, on Discovery+ and HBO Max. The series will also premiere two episodes weekly beginning April 26 on Discovery Channel. Check out the new trailer and the series synopsis below.


From Funny Or Die comes a psychedelic trip into the world of real science. Matt Klinman and Zack Poitras star as two stoner lab assistants who get high on science, literally, by smoking various topics from a robotic bong (voiced by Paul Bettany) to blast off to imaginary realms full of real facts and mind-blowing insights.

via Collider

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