‘The Flash’ Season 9 Episode 9 Trailer Sees the Return of Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen!! Check It Out!!

The DC Universe has been in a bit of an awkward transitional period on both the big and small screen as of late. This includes the winding down of the CW’s “Arrowverse” with The Flash about to end its nine season run later this Spring. It’s been a bittersweet celebratory season full of legacy guest appearances for the Grant Gustin starring series. However, there has been no return as highly anticipated as Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow. The fan favorite Emerald Archer is being resurrected for Episode 9 of Flash’s final season. That emotional reunion premieres next week and, in the new trailer revealed exclusively by TVLine for the episode, DC fans have received a preview of what to expect from Flash and Green Arrow’s final team-up.

If you’re all caught up on Arrow, then you would know that Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow made the ultimate sacrifice in the “Crisis on Infinite Earth” event which was a part of Arrow’s final season. So how is Green Arrow exactly alive? While it’s not outright stated, it appears that it’s the cause of multiverse shenanigans. Barry is celebrating his 30th birthday once again with his friends and family, but someone from Flash’s past seems to crash the party. This would be Sendhil Ramamurthy’s Bloodwork who was one of the main villains of Season 6. Just like he did to The Flash in that season, he takes control of some of Barry’s allies including Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash. A new multiverse is forming to replace the old one, and it’s up to The Flash, Green Arrow, and David Ramsey’s Spartan to stop whatever Bloodwork has planned for Team Flash.

Whatever happens in this episode it’s certain to be an emotional affair for any longtime fan of the Arrowverse. While the universe has had its ups and downs over its decade long run, the one thing that has stayed consistent has been the heartfelt relationship between Flash and Green Arrow. They’ve been the wonderful anchors of these shows. That has a lot to do with Gustin and Amell’s flawless chemistry. It’s going to be a night full of nostalgia when we see them suit up together again. There are so many tear-worthy moments in the trailer like Diggle giving Barry Oliver’s bow and the pair of heroes hugging it out a bit too long for Oliver’s liking, so be prepared with some tissues.

Arrow’s Lasting Legacy in Comic Book Adaptations

Coming off the success of SmallvilleArrow ushered in the next generation of DC television. It was more than just a Batman version of Green Arrow, it was an action-packed, incredible stunt heavy character study. Particularly in its first five seasons, this series had some of the best action and twists in modern TV history. Whether it was Tommy’s death at the end of Season 1, Deathstroke‘s reveal as the main bad in Season 2, or the epic Season 5 finale which saw the series come full circle, Arrow remains one of the best superhero shows of all time. However, more importantly, it created one of the most beloved shared universes in history.

In Season 2, the series would introduce Gustin’s Barry Allen and, from there, the universe went full speed ahead. Less than a year later in 2014, The Flash would debut on CW followed by SupergirlDC’s Legends of TomorrowBlack Lightning, and Batwoman. Like with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this would lead to a handful of amazing crossovers including the previously mentioned Crisis on Infinite Earths which rewrote the Arrowverse timeline and saw the death of Oliver Queen. Although in continuity Oliver took over the iconic DC role of The Spectre.

When Does Green Arrow Return on The Flash?

Green Arrow will be returning to The Flash when Episode 9 of the Arrowverse’s final season premieres on The CW Wednesday, April 26. You can view the new trailer down below before catching up on The Flash on The CW app now.

via Collider

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