Sarah Silverman Sets New Comedy Special at HBO!!

Sarah Silverman is ready to share her comeback to the stage with the world, as the Emmy-winning comedian has filmed a new special that will air on HBO this summer, according to Deadline. The show was taped as a presentation at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, where SIlverman presented her new material to a live audience. The actress has kept herself busy, as she was recently seen as a guest star in the second season of History of the World: Part II. Just like the original 1981 film from Mel Brooks, the new television series gives alternate explanations surrounding some of the most relevant events from the history of humanity with a trademark sense of humor.

The comedy series hasn’t been the only project to count with Silverman’s involvement lately, as the comedian was also featured as a guest host on The Daily Show. Ever since Trevor Noah announced his departure from the show in December, Comedy Central took the initiative of integrating guest artists that could sit behind the iconic desk while they found a new, permanent host. Silverman was among the list of the acclaimed individuals who were up for the job, joining the likes of Chelsea HandlerJohn Leguizamo and Kal Penn. A fixed replacement for Noah hasn’t been found as of yet, as the network continues to look for the perfect fit.

One of Silverman‘s most prominent acting roles was voicing the energetic Vanellope von Schweetz in Disney‘s Wreck-It Ralph and its sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet. The character starts the series as an outcast who doesn’t really belong in her own game due to her constant glitching. The fact that Vanellope disappeared and came back in a location she didn’t mean to race towards made it impossible to win races. It would later be revealed that she was actually hacked, and before her memory loss she was actually the main character of the racing game.

Sarah Silverman Talks About Where It All Began

During an interview with Collider‘s own Perri Nemiroff, Silverman fondly remembered how she took what was perhaps the most important decision of her life: Leaving college to pursuit her dream of becoming a comedian.

“I was a drama major for the one year of NYU I went to, but I also was doing open mic nights and I had a job.” the actress explained. “I passed out fliers for a comedy club on 3rd street called The Boston Comedy Club. So I worked from 4pm to 2am every day and then I’d have 8am classes uptown, and I was sleeping through my classes. And I’ve always been a good student. I was horrified! I just couldn’t keep myself awake.”

Before the new comedy special from Sarah Silverman premieres on HBO this May, you can check out some of her work as a guest host for The Daily Show below:

via Collider

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