‘My Adventures With Superman’ Teaser Sees the DC Superhero Rushing to Rescue!! Check It Out!!

Clark Kent is ready to spring into action in the first teaser for Adult Swim‘s new series My Adventures With Superman. The much-anticipated new show following the Man of Steel will show the superhero’s younger days as he goes on adventures with his investigative reporting partner (and romantic interest) Lois Lane along with their friend Jimmy Olsen. Together, they look to become one of the Daily Planet’s top new teams all while Clark performs his superheroics on the side. The short teaser shows him rushing in to save his friends and nearby civilians from an icy villain.

The clip moves quickly with Superman immediately swooping in to the astonishment of passersby. There’s a quick glimpse at the revamped Lois and Jimmy as they rush the panicked civilians away from the building which quickly becomes filled with ice. Before anyone can get hurt though, Superman saves the day by rushing in and stopping the villain dead in his tracks. The animation is gorgeous, showing kinetic shots of debris flying and of Superman dropping into battle. He checks in on his friends before one final shot plays showing the iconic image of Clark running toward the camera while tearing away his suit to reveal an S underneath.

With the footage comes the first audio of Jack QuaidAlice Lee, and Ishmel Sahid as Superman, Louis, and Jimmy respectively. Quaid is no stranger to the superhero genre, playing Hughie Campbell in Amazon‘s massive hit The Boys, but he sounds perfectly at home in the suit of the Man of Steel. He’ll play a Superman that’s still exploring his mysterious origins all while trying to build up his secret identity and keep it hidden from those closest to him. As he and Lois fall in love and Lois continues her rise as one of the Daily Planet’s star reporters though, she’ll get closer and closer to finding out the truth about Clark. The story revolves around identity as Lois, Clark, and Jimmy all grapple with who they are, who they want to be, and how they can put their skills to use as heroes.

Who Is Behind My Adventures With Superman?

My Adventures With Superman is already locked in for a two-season order at Adult Swim and HBO Max with Warner Bros. Animation producing the series. Sam Register, the President of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, is on board as an executive producer alongside co-executive producers Jake Wyatt and Brendan Clogher and co-producer Josie Campbell. This animated series is just one of several exciting projects on the way for fans of Superman as James Gunn is also working on Superman: Legacy as part of the revamped DCU, though it still has to figure out who’ll play the title roleMy Adventures With Superman will come far sooner, as it’s expected to arrive sometime this summer.

Check out the first teaser from the Adult Swim series below.

via Collider

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