‘The Wise Guys’: Robert De Niro-Led Gangster Movie Sets February 2, 2024 as Release Date!!

Warner Bros. has today announced a shakeup for the release dates of its upcoming projects which sees Robert De Niro‘s upcoming action film, Wise Guys, favored to be released on a date previously assigned to another film. According to the report via DeadlineThe Wise Guys will release in theaters on February 2, 2024, replacing The Wizard of Oz animated film Toto which was initially planned to release on the said date.

The announcement came with no further details regarding the film, however, it is believed that the film started principal photography late last year in Ohio. The Wise Guys has been a long-gestating project that stalled in development hell due to financial problems. The film is said to have been originally conceived decades ago and after years of failing to win over the interest of any major studio was finally able to secure the approval of Warner Bros. last year.

The Wise Guys is adapted from a 1985 non-fiction book of the same name by Nicholas Pileggi who is also aboard the adaptation as the screenwriter. This will be the second time the book will be adapted for film as it previously served as the source material for Martin Scorsese‘s Goodfellas (1990). A critical hit widely regarded as Scorsese‘s magnum opus, Goodfellas starred De Niro and had Pileggi contributing to the screenplay. While Scorsese is not returning for this second adaptation, the film will reunite De Niro, Pileggni, and Irwin Winkler who reprises his role as producer.

Robert De Niro Will Play Double Roles in The Wise Guys

It remains to be seen how this new adaptation will differ from Goodfellas in terms of the plot. However, there seems to be one significant difference as The Wise Guys will see De Niro take on a dual role. The Wise Guys will follow two rival mafia overlords Vito Genovese and Frank Costello who lead their respective family crime syndicates. Costello is forced to retire from the mob business after escaping an attempt on his life by Genovese with serious injuries. De Niro will play both Genovese and Costello, but the reason for this choice remains unknown. It’s certainly a unique dynamic and one that will hopefully become clearer as we learn more about the film when the trailer drops.

Known for his several mobster films, De Niro is perhaps the only one who could ever play two mobsters all at once and the outcome is likely to excite lovers of the genre. Wise Guys will be directed by Oscar winner Barry Levinson and has cast Debra MessingKathrine Narducci, and Cosmo Jarvis in unknown roles.

The Wise Guys releases in theaters on February 2, 2024.

via Collider

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