‘The Great’ Season 3 Trailer Sees Catherine and Peter in Marriage Counseling!! Check It Out!!

In just one month, Hulu‘s historical dramedy series The Great returns for its third season (huzzah). The series follows Catherine (Elle Fanning), a young woman who’s sent to Russia to marry the emperor Peter (Nicholas Hoult). After some turbulence on the marriage front, several deaths, and a mostly successful coup, Catherine is now the empress and the upcoming season will see her stepping even more into her role. Ahead of the premiere on May 12, Hulu released the official season trailer.

When viewers last saw Catherine and Peter, the pair had once again found themselves at odds with another following the revelation that Peter killed Catherine’s mother. While Catherine ultimately chose to forgive him, there was still trouble afoot in the palace after Velementov (Douglas Hodge) arrested a group of nobles loyal to Peter. Shortly after, Catherine attempted to kill Peter and instead stabbed his body double (who lived), but Peter witnessed the attempt. But for the sake of their son, Paul, and Russia, the couple will try to make their marriage work.

The Season 3 trailer immediately shows Catherine and Peter working on their relationship, as they have now begun marriage counseling with the goal of wanting to learn to trust each other. Even with their history, it seems the two are set on really trying this time, using a variety of methods that may or may not be historically accurate. Still, the trailer teases they begin to find common ground as Catherine begins to consult Peter more seriously about ruling. Meanwhile, Peter’s faith in a happy marriage seems to waver a bit based on the reactions of his friends.

Catherine Tries to Find More Confidence as Empress

Additionally, Catherine will still face some challenges on the empress side of things, including yet another uprising — this time from the Russian people. However, she enters the new era with a greater belief in herself. Similar to Season 2, her biggest hopes are to give Russians more leeway to speak their minds. Of course, this does not go as planned as she is almost immediately accused of being a witch, leading to the chaos we’ve come to know and love from the show.

The Great is created, written, and executive produced by Tony McNamara. He executive produces alongside Fanning, Hoult, Marian Macgowan, Mark Winemaker, Echo Lake’s Brittany Kahan Ward, Doug Mankoff, and Andrew Spaulding, and Thruline’s Ron West and Josh Kesselman. Additional cast includes Sacha Dhawan, Phoebe Fox, Adam Godley, Belinda Bromilow, Gwilym Lee, Bayo Gbadamosi, Florence Keith-Roach, Danusia Samal, and Charity Wakefield, among others.

The Great returns with Season 3 on Friday, May 12, on Hulu. Watch the trailer below:


via Collider

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