‘The Little Mermaid’: New Featurette Teases the Live-Action Remake!! Check It Out!!

Next month, audiences will get to be part of Ariel’s world once again with the release of Disney‘s live-action The Little Mermaid remake. The movie revisits the familiar tale of Ariel, a young mermaid and princess who longs to see the surface world. Unfortunately for her, her father, King Triton, forbids it. That doesn’t stop Ariel after she saves a human, Prince Eric, and makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula to experience the land life and spend time with Eric. As we count down the days to release, Disney shared a new featurette for the movie.

The video kicks-off with Ariel herself, Halle Bailey, reminiscing on how her “whole world changed” with the release of the original animated feature. While the upcoming remake will feature many familiar traits of the classic, director Rob Marshall states that this version will also expand upon what viewers already know of the story. Bailey reiterates this, mentioning how the remake will focus more on “what it means to want something greater for yourself.”

Marshall also heaped on the praise for the cast, specifically Bailey and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula. About Bailey, he shared that, singing-wise, she brought the emotion and set a bar others haven’t surpassed for him. This falls right in line with what audiences already know about Bailey, who is an accomplished R&B singer alongside her sister Chlöe Bailey. When speaking about McCarthy, Marshall hailed her as “extraordinary.” Cast member Awkwafina also said that McCarthy is “hilarious and terrifying.”

The Little Mermaid Remake Updates the Original Songs

One of the main aspects we already know will update with the remake is the songs. Original composer and songwriter Alen Menken expressed his excitement to come back for this version, and also reiterated Marshall‘s earlier statement. He notes that, like the story itself, the songs will also expand upon the world. There will also be some new songs included, which Menken created alongside producer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda shared that he’s proud to be part of the feature, especially because the “characters live in [his] heart.

Along with the mentioned cast, the live-action remake stars Javier Bardem, Daveed Diggs, Jacob Tremblay, Noma Dumezwani, Emily Coates, Simone Ashley, Russell Balogh, Jessica Alexander, Adrian Christopher, Jude Akuwudike, Lorena Andrea, and Kasja Mohammar. The screenplay was written by Jane Goldman and David Magee. Marshall, Miranda, Marc Platt, and John DeLuca produced.

The Little Mermaid swims to theaters on May 26. Watch the new featurette below:

via Collider

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