‘All the Light We Cannot See’ Teaser Takes Us Back to Nazi-Occupied France!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has unveiled the first teaser for All the Light We Cannot See, a limited series adaptation of Anthony Doerr‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel from Stranger Things director and producer Shawn Levy. The short four-episode series stars newcomer Aria Mia Loberti in the lead role as Marie-Laure, a young blind French girl who, along with her father, escapes Nazi-occupied France with a priceless diamond and finds shelter with her uncle who transmits radio broadcasts for the resistance. Marie-Laure is defined by her hope and faith in humanity which shines through even in a world that, as shown in the clip, is torn apart by war.

The teaser features no dialogue from its characters, opting instead to let a somber and sweeping piano play as it takes viewers through Marie-Laure’s life and the horrors she tries so hard to avoid. After a brief scene hinting at the eventual kinship between her and the orphan German teen Werner (Louis Hofmann), there’s a look at a younger Marie-Laure (Nell Sutton) who lives a normal, happy life walking the streets of France with her father Daniel LeBlanc (Mark Ruffalo). Werner’s younger days, meanwhile, involve being taken in as a member of Hitler’s regime where he’ll be tasked with rooting out broadcasts that oppose the Nazi invasion. They’re set on a collision course when the Nazis march into France and unfurl their flags, bringing war and destruction to Marie-Laure’s doorstep.

Though she and Werner find an unlikely connection, Marie-Laure faces terror while living with her uncle Etienne (Hugh Laurie). Destruction rains upon France in a brutal depiction of WWII, but the biggest threat to her family is Von Rumpel (Lars Eidinger), a ruthless and greedy Gestapo officer eager to get his hand on the diamond in their possession. Despite everything falling apart around her, Marie-Laure finds moments of peace throughout the teaser that portray her ability to find the good in an awful situation.

When Does All the Light We Cannot See Premiere on Netflix?

Rounding out the cast of All the Light We Cannot See is Marion Bailey as Madame Manec. Levy‘s 21 Laps Entertainment produced the limited series while he directed all four episodes. Steven Knight, who has earned acclaim for creating the excellent Peaky Blinders, See, and Rogue Heroes, wrote the series on his own. Together, he and Levy are tackling a book that’s become a global sensation with over 9 million copies sold worldwide and over 200 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list.

During a previous press tour for Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again, Levy told Collider that filming All the Light We Cannot See was like shooting a four-hour movie with the same creative team that joined him on some of his biggest projects including 2021’s Free Guy coming along for the ride. There was also a heavy focus on authenticity with Loberti emerging from a global audition for a blind or mostly blind actress to accurately portray Marie-Laure. The hope is to present something that has that cinematic feel while still feeling true to the story at hand.

All the Light We Cannot See premieres on Netflix on November 2. Levy also previously said he wouldn’t rule out an early festival appearance for the four-part series. Check out the teaser as well as an audio descriptive version below.

via Collider

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