‘How To Be a Bookie’: Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre Mend Riff with New Comedy Series Announcement!!

It looks like Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre are leaving their past behind them, as the duo will be working together on a new comedy titled How To Be a Bookie. According to Deadline, Sheen will star in a recurring role, while the main character of the series will be played by Sebastian Maniscalco. The protagonist of the show, who had made a career for himself out of being a bookie, sees himself struggling with the impending legalization of sports gambling. Added to that, he will have to deal with family issues, unstable clients, stressing co-workers and a lifestyle that won’t allow him to catch a break.

Sheen and Lorre worked together for eight years in CBS‘ incredibly successful comedy series, Two and a Half Men. In that show, Sheen played Charlie Harper, a rich jingle composer who enjoyed his bachelor life in his Malibu beach house. Everything changes for him when his brother, Alan (Jon Cryer), goes through a complicated divorce that forces him to move in to Charlie’s house. Alongside his son, Jake (Angus T. Jones), Alan proves to be a challenge for Charlie, who got very used to having his space only for himself. Sheen was a part of the show for the first eight seasons, until his character’s untimely death.

Because of a fallout after Sheen expressed some unfortunate comments about Lorre in a public manner, the pair entered a heavy legal process that include a massive lawsuit for Warner Bros. and the showrunner. The split would cause the actor to be fired from Two and a Half Men, with Ashton Kutcher replacing him in an entirely new role. Within the universe of the series, Alan and Jake continued to live with the new lead, named Walden, and while Charlie was eventually mentioned by other characters, Sheen never appeared on the comedy again.

A Second Opportunity for Sheen and Lorre

Even if Two and a Half Men ran for four more seasons after the departure of Charlie Sheen, rating for the show weren’t as good as they used to be, and the conclusion to the series turned out to be extremely disappointing for fans. Nevertheless, it looks to be water under the bridge now for the duo, and How To Be a Bookie will be joining a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory in Max‘s expansive comedy catalog. Lorre also created the main series about a group of friends who have a strong passion for comic books and a noticeable lack of social skills.


via Collider

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