‘Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’: New Set Image Sees the Return of Annabeth Gish’s Dr. Anne Sullivan!! Check It Out!!

Production has officially begun for the second season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. This time around, the subtitle for the spin-off has changed to become a perfect fit for the mysteries to come. Pretty Little Liars: Summer School will be the title given to the second installment of the Max original series that focuses on Imogen Adams (Bailee Madison) and her friends as they deal with the threat of a stalker that accuses them of something their mothers were involved in. It is currently unknown when the show will return, but the rolling of cameras wasn’t the only thing revealed during today’s announcement.

Annabeth Gish, who played Dr. Anne Sullivan during the course of nine episodes of the original Pretty Little Liars series, is officially joining the cast of the spin-off, counseling the main group as they must deal with new challenges. During her previous appearances, Dr. Sullivan was chosen by the parents of the first generation of Liars to help their children deal with their obsessive thoughts surrounding the death of their friend, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). It was later revealed that Sullivan knew the identity of the person that was stalking the group, and that the antagonist had threatened her son.

The premise of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin was able to be different enough from that of the original books and the subsequent television adaptation to stand out, and the new cast of characters delivered to be engaging while they solved a complicated mystery. Years before the events of the series, Angela Waters (Gabriella Pizzolo) took her own life during a party, traumatizing her entire friend group. Decades after the incident, even the children of the original group see themselves involved in the mystery surrounding the events that led to that fateful evening.

 'Pretty Little Liars: Summer School'
Image via HBO Max

The Liars’ Next Mystery

Original Sin had the subject of abuse all over its plot, focusing on the devastating consequences the crime has on its victims, and how the perpetrators were able to walk away. Now that Imogen confirmed who took advantage of her and the context behind Angela’s death was revealed, the second season of the show will continue to explore heavy subjects during upcoming episodes. A new female antagonist will be introduced in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School and, hopefully, the girls will be ready to do whatever it takes to keep her from hurting people.



via Collider

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