‘Big Mouth’ Renewed for Season 8, the Final Season!!

For a lot of people, middle school felt like an experience that would go on forever but, eventually, it always reaches a conclusion. Such is the case of Big Mouth, the Netflix animated comedy about a group of friends who go through puberty with everything that trial includes. According to Deadline, the show is set to end with its eighth season, which is currently scheduled to premiere next year. The announcement came before the seventh installment was launched on Netflix later this year, making Big Mouth the longest-running production created by the streamer that isn’t within the children’s entertainment category.

The main character of Big Mouth is Nick Birch, based on the creator of the series, Nick Kroll. The boy has a hard time going through puberty due to his tendency of comparing himself to his friends and peers. With the help of the Hormone Monsters (voiced by Kroll himself and Maya Rudolph), Nick will learn to love his own body and personality, while he heads towards an even more complicated time in his life, his adolescence. Of course, the Birch boy isn’t the only one going through changes, as the series’ theme song implies. Even his own best friend constantly gets embarrassed in front of everyone at school.

Voiced by John Mulaney, Andrew Glouberman is more than Nick’s best friend. Through constant sweating and blocking out his father’s unnecessary yelling, Andrew has to deal with plenty of uncomfortable situations. The heart of Big Mouth resides within how relatable the problems these kids face are, reminding audiences about their own puberty misadventures. Adding to the humor, the show also does its best at explaining subjects related to body positivity, gender identity and, of course, sex education. Nothing is too awkward or unapproachable for the often explicit animated comedy.

Human Resources Is Also Coming to an End

When it was clear that Big Mouth was a major success for Netflix, Kroll was allowed to develop a spin-off titled Human Resources. The new cast of characters allowed the fantastical creatures from this universe to interact with adult humans, giving a whole new context to the potential for storytelling. While the spin-off also saw its fair share of success when it was released last year, the fact that the main series is ending could be the reason that the whole franchise is coming to a close. After all, the storylines from the final season of Human Resources will continue in the final season of Big Mouth.


via Collider

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