‘It Ends with Us’: Jenny Slate Join the Colleen Hoover Adaptation!!

The upcoming adaptation of It Ends with Us has added another cast member to its ranks. According to Deadline, Jenny Slate is the latest addition to feature. She is confirmed to play Alyssa, who is Ryle’s younger sister. Ryle will be played by Justin Baldoni, who stars opposite Blake Lively (Lily). Brandon Sklenar is set to play Atlas Corrigan.

Based on the bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover, It Ends with Us follows Lily Bloom, a woman who relocates from small-town Maine to Boston to start her own business. Though she’s faced troubles along the way, Lily knows what she wants from life and sets out to get it. Enter Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon who seems like the perfect match for Lily. However, Ryle is averse to relationships, further complicating things. Lily and Ryle’s romance only continues to face obstacles when Lily’s old flame Atlas enters the picture, putting her relationship with Ryle at risk.

Throughout her career, Slate has built a varied resumé with roles as an actor, writer, and producer. Of the three, she’s primarily known for her acting, having recently found great success with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Currently, she stars in the voice cast of FOX‘s The Great North as Judy Tobin, and lends her voice to various characters on Netflix‘s Big Mouth. Slate is a former Saturday Night Live cast member, and has also starred in films such as the Academy Award-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once, Venom, and more.

It Ends with Us is still in the development stages with Wayfarer Studios and Sony Pictures. The screenplay is penned by Christy Hall, who previously wrote for I Am Not Okay with This. Baldoni will direct and executive produces for Wayfarer. Additional executive producers include Lively and Hoover, as well as Steve Sarowitz and Andrew Calof for Wayfarer. Hall acts as producer alongside Jamey Heath for Wayfarer and Alex Saks for Saks Picture Company.

Colleen Hoover’s Success Offers a Promising Outlook

Since its debut, It Ends with Us has become one of Hoover‘s highest selling novels, with Hoover also responsible for writing five of the 10 bestselling books in 2022. It Ends with Us took the number one position. Additionally, Hoover has sold over 20 million copies of her books and continues to be a sought after author with her dedicated fan base and new readers alike, partially thanks to BookTok. While there’s no telling whether the adaptation will be a solid one, the book’s success alone and building anticipation already offers a glimpse at the potential monetary success the movie may gain.

It Ends with Us currently has no projected release window.


via Collider

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