‘The Corps’: Vera Farmiga, Miles Heizer, and More Join Netflix’s Queer Marine Corp Series!!

Netflix has just greenlit the comedy-drama The Corps (working title) with a star-studded cast commissioned to lead. The series will assemble an ensemble cast for key roles led by Miles Heizer (13 Reasons Why), Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring), and Max Parker (Vampire Academy), among several others. Netflix has given a 10-episode order for the show’s first season.

Heizer will play the central character named Cameron who is described as a “bullied, gay high school student.” The show will be set in the 1990s, an era that was not kind to openly gay people. This singular reason will make Cameron’s decision to join the Marine Corps a dangerous move as he risks serving jail time or even meeting a worse fate. Luckily for Cameron, he won’t be alone on this daring adventure as he will be leaning on the support of his ride-or-die best friend, Ray (Liam Oh). However, the fact that Ray has his own troubles sets up the friendship for an interesting dynamic. Ray is the son of a strict Marine father “who carries the pressure of having to be best at all times, but when boot camp shakes his faith in himself, he is forced to reevaluate his life’s trajectory.”

The official synopsis from Netflix teases that “as the two friends plunge into Marine Corps boot camp, where the landmines are both literal and metaphorical, they join a platoon of young men on a harrowing journey of transformation.” Farmiga will play Barbara Cope, Cameron’s mother described as “always on the run from the consequences of her actions, but she becomes unmoored when her son Cameron leaves her for the Marine Corps.” It is hinted that Cameron won’t be the only closeted Marines the series will further include Sgt. Sullivan (Parker), a decorated officer struggling to “keep his own secret hidden.”

Who Else Has Been Cast In The Corps?

The Corps will reunite budding British actor Kieron Moore with his Vampire Academy co-star, Parker who also previously worked with Netflix on Blood Sex and Royalty. The cast further includes; Cedrick Cooper, Ana Ayora, Angus O’Brien, Dominic Goodman, Nicholas Logan, Rico Paris, Blake Burt, Logan Gould, Zach Roerig, Johnathan Nieves, Brandon Tyler Moore, Ivan Hoey Jr., Anthony Marble, and Joy Osmanski.

Who Is Behind The Corps?

The series is inspired by U.S. Marine Greg Cope White’s memoir “The Pink Marine” and was written for TV by Andy Parker (Tales of the City, Imposters) who also serves as the executive producer and showrunner. Also contributing to the show’s writing is Peter Hoar (The Last of Us, The Umbrella Academy) will direct and serve as an executive producer for the pilot episode. Other executive producers for the series include Norman Lear and Brent Miller (One Day at a Time), Rachel Davidson, and Scott Hornbacher.

Netflix is yet to set a release date for The Corps, however, stay tuned to Collider for further updates on the comedy series. Check out the official synopsis from Netflix below:

“Set in 1990, The Corps (WT) is about Cameron, a bullied, gay high school student who joins the Marine Corps with his straight best friend, Ray — a dangerous move when being gay in the military meant jail time or worse. As these two friends plunge into Marine Corps boot camp, where the landmines are both literal and metaphorical, they join a platoon of young men on a harrowing journey of transformation.”


via Collider

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