‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 3 Sets August 8 as Release Date!!

It’s almost time to head back for a new case, as Hulu has apparently set a release date for the third season of their successful comedy, Only Murders in the Building. According to Variety, Steve Martin and Martin Short revealed that the series will return on August 8 during a comedy show that took place in Orlando, Florida, this weekend. After the second season came to a close around a year before that, Selena Gomez will join the actors in new episodes from the show that took the comedy landscape by storm when it premiered back in 2021. Plenty of familiar faces will be featured in the new season, as potential enemies or allies of the crime-solving team.

When Only Murders in the Building made its debut, it told the story of how three people who were fans of a true crime podcast that had the same name as the show were brought together seemingly by destiny, when a dead body is found inside the building where they all live. While Charles (Martin) and Oliver (Short) didn’t have a clue of what was actually going on, it was revealed early on to audiences that Mabel (played by Gomez) was directly connected with the case. The crew behind the comedy and the network itself didn’t anticipate how well the show would resonate with audiences, prompting the production to be renewed quickly.

During the second season of the show, Charles, Oliver and Mabel have to stay out of trouble, as the police are after them due to how to stay close to the crimes they attempt to solve. Added to that, they would soon discover that some else is trying to follow them and potentially hurt them, as the perpetrator of a crime is now three steps ahead of them in every moment. Besides the danger surrounding the main characters, the show also delivered when it came to its signature sense of humor, even managing to introduce Amy Schumer as another resident of the Arconia.

A Legendary Addition to the Cast

There are plenty of expectations for the third season of Only Murders in the Building due to the fact that the previous season ended in a cliffhanger, with Paul Rudd‘s character dropping dead during a performance right before the credits began to roll. Besides the latest mystery for the team to solve, audiences will be excited to see Meryl Streep officially joining the cast of the new installment. The three-time Academy Award winner was seen in a recent teaser trailer for the series, while details regarding her character are currently kept under wraps.

You can check out the official trailer for the third season of Only Murders in the Building below, before the series returns on August 8:

via Collider

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