‘Alien’: Noah Hawley’s FX Series Adds Sydney Chandler!!

Sydney Chandler is getting ready to fight against xenomorphs, or to survive an encounter with them before it’s too late, as she has been cast as the lead role in Noah Hawley‘s television series set in the Alien universe. While plot details for the upcoming horror adventure are currently kept under wraps, the beginning of the casting process brings audiences one step closer to the first Alien television show in history. A previous attempt to bring the franchise to the small screen was considered as an idea when the original movie made its way to theaters, but plans were eventually scrapped for that project.

Chandler currently has one small role in a major production to her name, as she was seen in last year’s psychological thriller, Don’t Worry Darling. Casting somebody who isn’t connected to an easily relatable role allows the franchise to get a new protagonist that will be solely recognized by Chandler’s performance, without the baggage of audiences trying to connect her to a different story. The upcoming series will be filled with plenty of surprises, according to John Landgraf, head of FX. It remains to be seen if Chandler‘s new character will merely try to survive in a ship infested with monsters, or if she will step up and fight back.

Set in the near future, the new Alien television series will be the first project in the franchise actually taking place on Earth. Due to the fact that these events will happen in a completely unexplored segment of this universe’s timeline, audiences can’t expect Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) to show up. Added to that, the actress recently expressed how she was comfortable with what she has done with the role, and that she doesn’t have any interest in coming back to it for any upcoming Alien productions. It’s time for Weaver to pass the torch to a new hero, and Chandler seems to be up for the task.

The Future of the Alien Franchise Looks Promising

The untitled television series just found its protagonist, but it’s not the only adventure dealing with xenomorphs currently in the works. Fede Álvarez was announced to be working on a new film set in the world established by Ridley Scott‘s 1979 classic. Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced and David Jonsson will all be a part of the new story that began filming during the spring. As always, there are plenty of secrets surrounding story details, but it is refreshing to see the franchise trying to come back in the biggest way possible. The xenomorphs were some of the most iconic movie monsters out there, and they’re ready to make a comeback.


via Collider

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