‘I’m a Virgo’: New Clip Sees the 13-Foot-Tall Cootie Venture Outside!! Check It Out!!

Filmmaker Boots Riley made a splash with his feature directorial debut Sorry to Bother You, with a sharp premise, all-star cast, and an ending that had audiences saying “yay” or “neigh.” This June, Riley is back with his upcoming series I’m a Virgo. The seven-episode series follows a 13-foot-tall young man named Cootie (Jharrel Jerome) who wants more for himself. Ahead of the premiere on June 23, Prime Video released a new clip from the series.

Set during nighttime, the newest look at I’m a Virgo centers on the first time Cootie ventures outside. For his entire life thus far, Cootie has been stuck indoors and away from prying eyes. Now, he’s ready to do something about it. He sneaks outside disguised as a bush and observes a group of people hanging out. But first, Cootie makes note of the Virgo constellation in the sky. In a previous interview with Collider‘s Steve Weintraub, Riley shared that being a Virgo is important to Cootie. So, this is likely something viewers will see pop up again. As the clip continues, one person from the group heads towards Cootie to relieve himself. Both get startled and clue viewers into some of the comedy of the show.

Per Prime Video, I’m a Virgo is “a darkly comedic fantastical coming-of-age joyride,” which follows Cootie as he journeys through Oakland, California. After growing up with only television and comics to keep him company, he’s ready to experience all the world has to offer. Along the way, he finds new friendships, love, and more. Cootie also comes face to face with a real-life superhero known simply as The Hero (Walton Goggins).

I’m a Virgo was written, created, and directed by Riley. He co-showruns and executive produced with Tze Chun. Jerome, Media Res StudiosMichael Ellenberg and Lindsey Springer, and Rebecca Rivo executive produced. Amazon Studios and Media Res act as co-producers. The show features original music and scoring by duo Tune-Yards. Additional cast includes Mike Epps, Olivia Washington, Brett Gray, Kara Young, Carmen Ejogo, and Allius Barnes.

I’m a Virgo Is Already Making an Impact

While general audiences have to wait a bit longer to watch the series, it debuted earlier this year at the SXSW festival to positive reception. Collider‘s Chase Hutchinson gave the series a glowing review with an overall “A” grade. He notes that this time around, the series “comes right out of the gate with more of its bigger swings on display.” He also praises the “striking visuals,” especially when it comes to Cootie’s height, as well the complexities of the characters. Ultimately, the series gives Riley an avenue to “to express what is on his mind. The more we get glimpses into his vision, with all its rich creativity and righteous outrage bursting free in unexpected directions, the better that I’m a Virgo promises to be.”

I’m a Virgo premieres June 23 on Prime Video. Watch the new clip below:


via Collider

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