‘The Zone of Interest’: First Image Teases Jonathan Glazer’s Highly Anticipated Anticipation!! Check It Out!!

A new first-look image from Jonathan Glazer‘s highly anticipated new film The Zone of Interest has just been released, giving us a glimpse into the period drama. The new image comes just ahead of the film’s world premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

The Zone of Interest is loosely based on a novel of the same name by Martin Amis. The film follows a Nazi officer and his wife as they set up their life in a home located next to a concentration camp. The film was shot in 2021 in Auschwitz, the location of one of the most infamous concentration camps from the Holocaust, locations that facilitated the genocide of Jewish peoples and other marginalized groups. The film was directed by Jonathan Glazer, an English filmmaker known for his experimental and often disturbing work. His 2013 film Under the Skin, showed the disturbing exploits of an extraterrestrial disguised as a human woman and starred Scarlett Johansson.

The New Image Shows the Disturbing in the Ordinary

The new image, released today, shows an unsettling look into the upcoming film. The image shows a lake surrounded by lush woods and beautiful greenery. In the background, there are two people splashing in the water, while the foreground shows a group of people in swimwear having a picnic. It is a sunny day, and the trees and grass are lush and lit by the sun. The image recalls a painting, mixing landscape with the group scene not unlike that of the Impressionists. It is pleasant, it is ordinary. But it is also disturbing because this image does not simply show a group of friends enjoying a nice day. Just knowing that the image was filmed near Auschwitz is enough to put a chill on the sunny image. Not just this, but the people depicted are Nazi officers and their companions, the people in charge of the mass-scale cruelty of the concentration camp located in Auschwitz.

The Zone of Interest
Image via A24

The subject of The Zone of Interest is, of course, not new. Artists in all mediums have tried to properly tackle the horror and suffering caused by the Holocaust for decades. However, it looks like Glazer might be taking a unique approach to the subject, exposing horrific in the ordinary, a method that just might cut to the quick of the subject, exposing just how normal such atrocities might seem, at least on the outside, until it’s too late — a lesson that is timely, to say the least.

The Zone of Interest will premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.


via Collider

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