‘The Little Mermaid’: New Clip Teases the Musical Number “Kiss the Girl”!! Check It Out!!

Romance can be felt in the air, in a new preview for The Little Mermaid that was shared by Disney during last night’s MTV Music and Video Awards. The clip features a portion of the musical number “Kiss the Girl”, where Sebastian (Daveed Diggs) tries to convince Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King) to kiss Ariel (Halle Bailey) so that the curse that has been placed upon her can be broken. It might prove to be an easy task, as the pair is clearly in love already. In true Disney fashion, the tension is in the air, and two young people will discover what they feel for each other with charming music in the background.

Just like in the original 1989 hit, Ariel is a young woman who dreams of exploring the human world beyond the ocean. She constantly sings about wondering what fors are for, and what it would be like to walk under the direct light of the sun. Unfortunately for her, Ursula will attempt to take advantage of her dreams, attempting to trick the girl into giving away her father’s throne for a chance to get out of the water. Melissa McCarthy will be in charge of playing the sea witch in the upcoming adaptation, using her powers and iconic villain songs to unleash evil all across the sea.

The cast of The Little Mermaid will also feature Javier Bardem as King Triton, the ruler of the ocean and Ariel’s father. Even if he has many daughters to take care of, the King has always been wary of Ariel’s love for the human world, specially since it was the people who live outside the water the ones involved with the death of her mother. While understands his daughter’s frustration with her life at sea, he only wants to keep her safe, creating a conflict between the two that can’t be solved until they understand each other better. This conflicting ideology is what leads the girl straight into Ursula’s claws.

Who Directed The Little Mermaid?

When it was time to decide who should step behind the camera for the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, Disney knew that they had to hire someone they could trust. The studio opted for Rob Marshall to take over the project, after previously collaborating with the filmmaker in a couple of films, including Mary Poppins Returns. In the sequel to the 1964 classic, the director proved his experience with complex musical numbers and heartwarming emotional beats, making him an adequate choice to lead the story about Ariel, Eric, and a love story too big for the ocean to contain.

You can check out the new look at The Little Mermaid below, before the movie swims into theaters on May 26:

via Collider

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