‘The Ridge’: Billy Magnussen Sets Thriller as Directorial Debut!!

It looks like Billy Magnussen is ready to step behind the camera, as The Hollywood Reporter states that the actor will make his directorial debut with the survival thriller, The Ridge, a story about a man who travels to Wyoming with his friends in order to meet his fiancé’s brother. Both men don’t get along with each other, causing a heated feud to grow between them. Things would escalate until they find themselves involved in a horrible car accident that throws them into the titular ridge. They must leave their differences aside if they want even the slightest bit of hope of getting out of there alive.

Magnussen is excited about the prospect of directing a feature film for the first time, saying the following: “Having spent years in front of the camera, I’m thrilled to be bringing everything I’ve learned to the table as I direct this project which is close to my heart, alongside the great group of people over at Mandalay Pictures and Highland Film Group“. For the first time in his career, the actor is going beyond using his charisma while delivering captivating performances, daring to lead the cast and the crew of The Ridge. While he prepares for his directorial debut, Magnussen still has quite a busy year ahead of him.

The actor has officially joined the cast of the upcoming live-action remake of Lilo & Stitch, Disney‘s animated classic about a young girl who adopts a dangerous alien believing that he is a regular dog. Even if things are violent and messy at first, with several aliens trying to blast their way through Hawaii, Lilo is able to teach Stitch about how family is the most important thing in the world and, now that they had found each other, they had to protect themselves from the aliens who wanted to take the adorable, blue creature back to space. It is currently unknown which role Magnussen will be playing in the adaptation.

Billy Magnussen’s All Star Cast for The Ridge

Joining Magnussen in The Ridge is Lamorne Morris, Chace Crawford, and Jordan Firstman. Morris will play Dez who travels to Wyoming to meet his fiancé’s brother played by Magnussen, while Crawford and Firstman, will play Dez’s friends who accompany him to Wyoming. There is certainly no denying that Magnussen has picked a stellar cast for his directorial debut. Morris is widely known for his roles in New Girl and Woke, as such, it will be exciting to see him take on a thriller. Crawford is currently a main cast member on the hit Prime Video series The Boys, where he plays The Deep. Firstman is an actor, writer, and producer known for his short films, Call Your Father and Men Don’t Whisper, as well as his role in Ms. Marvel.

Magnussen he was last seen playing a villain determined to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals in Made for Love, the actor played Byron Gogol, a billionaire who owned a tech company, and was obsessed with keeping control over every aspect of his life.


via Collider

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