‘Venom 3’ to Begin Filming Next Month!!

Get ready to head back to Sony Pictures‘ corner of the Marvel universe, with filming on the third Venom movie set to begin next month, according to Production List. Tom Hardy will once again play both of the roles that make Eddie Brock’s life so interesting, with the bond between him and his symbiote being the main thread of the franchise. Kelly Marcel, who was tasked with writing duties during the production of the second movie of the series, will now step behind the camera, in what will mark her directorial debut. While a title for the upcoming sequel hasn’t been revealed yet, the fact that production is close to starting might be a signal of things moving along for the project.

The problem with filming for the third Venom movie beginning next month is that the current Writers Guild of America strike is likely going to extend until then and beyond, directly affecting the production of the sequel. While the studio certainly must have a script for the upcoming adventure, if a writer isn’t present on set, rewrites won’t be able to take place, and anything that needs to be corrected right away will be included in the movie. Added to that, the Producers Guild of America could join the strike soon, given how they are set to establish negotiations for a contract soon.

If Sony decides to move forward with the movie while so many people in the industry make a firm stand to demand better wages, they are actively exposing the third Venom installment to a huge quality decrease, coming from a franchise that has never been famous for brilliant screenwriting anyway. Some of the major productions that have recently shut down in solidarity with the strike are Stranger Things and Severance and, considering the number of awards those high-profile series have obtained over their runs, there isn’t a reason for other productions to carry on besides studio mandates.

When Was the Last Time Venom Showed Up?

While it might be safe to assume that the last time Eddie Brock and Venom were seen was in their 2021 sequel, it could be easy to forget that the pair briefly entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the post-credit sequence of Spider-Man: No Way Home. After Peter Parker (Tom Holland) convinced Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cast a spell that would crack the multiverse open, Eddie and the symbiote were briefly sent to the universe where Thanos decimated half of the population. The effect wouldn’t last for long but, before heading back to their own universe, they managed to leave a small piece of the symbiote in the MCU.


via Collider

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