‘Animal Control’ Gets Renewed for Season 2!!

There’s still plenty of animals wreaking havoc out there, as Fox has officially renewed Animal Control for a second season. Joel McHale stars in the new sitcom about a group of Animal Control workers who have a harder time dealing with humans than they do trying to get animals to a safe place. With a new tone and humor to establish within an unusual profession, the series was successful with its first installment, prompting the network to green-lighting development for new episodes. There’s no way of telling what kind of animals the team will have to face next, and even worse, they kind of people who will be calling them for help.

Vella Lovell, Michael Rowland and Ravi V. Patel are also a part of the Northwest Seattle Divison, making sure that the animals from the potentially dangerous situation are removed from the scene in a way that keeps them safe. McHale‘s character, Frank Shaw, used to be a police officer before he was sent to work at the Animal Control department. While taking on different cases, he has to train Fred (Rowland), a young agent who is extremely excited about the opportunity of joining the department. The relationship between the two will be rocky from the start, with Shaw clearly having a routine established, while not in the mood of dealing with his new partner.

The show also includes plenty of chemistry between its cast, with the characters keeping secrets from one another, and even participating in the occasional prank. As proven by other popular sitcoms in recent years, workplace comedies take some time to grow and reach their full potential, making the fact that Animal Control has been renewed for a second season even more exciting. Frank, Fred and Emily will have to do whatever they can to prepare themselves for the new wave of cases that are coming their way, and they might be tougher than moving a python or chasing a rabbit.

McHale is Excited to Play a Mentor

During a recent interview with Collider, Joel McHale talked about how excited he was to dive deeper into the dynamic between his character a Fred, stating: “Because the way that it kind of started was me being pretty cantankerous, and that obviously melted. And so now I feel protective of him. And so I think Frank knows he’s a good guy, even though it can obviously come off as being so innocent to the point of, what is wrong with you? I think Shred, this is my guess because I haven’t seen anything new — I think Frank will explore and will start working out the sh*t he has with his dad, with Shred, because Shred had a really good relationship with his dad. And so I think they will work together on that. ”


via Collider

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