‘Class of ’09’ Reveals Thrilling Opening Scene!! Check It Out!!

The scene is being set in the first few minutes for FX’s Class of ‘09. The upcoming FX and Hulu production has dropped a taste of what’s to come in the thrilling spy series by giving audiences a peek into how the show will take off. Featuring an all-star lineup that includes Kate Mara (American Horror Story: Murder House) and Academy Award nominee Brian Tyree Henry (Causeway), the Tom Rob Smith-created series investigates the pros and cons of artificial intelligence working its way into the criminal justice system and how the fallout will affect everyone involved.

The opening scene of the series sees Mara’s Ashley Poet meeting up with a handful of other agents on a mission to bring in a wanted fugitive at a mysterious and spooky abandoned mansion. As they make their way through the creaky old house, the agents walk with guns drawn while announcing their presence. Inside one of the rooms, the detectives stumble upon a wall of TVs that snap on in unison to an interview with their fellow agent Tayo Miller (Henry). As the clip continues to play the same part of Miller’s speech over and over, the agents wonder if this was all part of a setup before time runs out, and the first four minutes of Class of ‘09 comes to an end.

Along with Mara and Henry, the series also stars Raúl Castillo (Looking), Sepideh Moafi (The L Word: Generation Q), Jake McDorman (The Right Stuff), Brian J. Smith (Sense8), Brooke Smith (Grey’s Anatomy), Jon Jon Briones (Ratched), Rosalind Eleazar (Howards End), and Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural).

What’s Class of ‘09 About?

In a similar vein as Prime Video‘s Citadel, Class of ’09 is a thrilling time-hopping series, that will see its main characters through different points in their lives, careers, and relationships with one another. The beginning will introduce viewers to up-and-coming FBI agents Tayo (Henry) and Poet (Mara) who have left their worlds behind to embark on what they hope will be a rewarding career in law enforcement. Three different time frames will reveal their early days of training, becoming established members of the agency, and, finally, having their names synonymous with two of the top dogs in the FBI. Through it all, the introduction of AI technology will pose significant problems for Tayo, Poet, and the other members of the Class of ‘09.

Just one day before the series drops on Hulu, these first few minutes of Class of ‘09 spell out a bumpy road ahead for the hard-working and dedicated agents. Catch the full teaser below and tune into Hulu for the first two episodes when they land tomorrow, May 10, 2023, with additional episodes to follow weekly.

via Collider

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